All the new expectations and signing up for classes

We are so excited to get back to some form of normal - even if that means a new  (temporary) normal! 

Effective June 1st, we will be open for indoor and outdoor training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We will have indoor and outdoor classes you can sign up for online. We have a lot of restrictions we have to adhere to so that we don't get ourselves in any trouble, so please bear with us through the temporary changes.

Here is the class schedule:

  • 5 am indoor and outdoor
  • 6 am outdoor only (due to requirement of having gym closed for one hour between classes for ventilation)
  • 7 am indoor and outdoor 
  • 8 am outdoor
  • 9 am indoor
  • 4:30 pm outdoor 
  • 5:30 indoor and outdoor 
  • 6:30 outdoor

Outdoor classes will be rain or shine! We will make adjustments if the weather is too hot and or too rainy as we are allowed to. 

What to expect:

These rules have been put on fitness centers by the state and they are not up for debate. You must wear a mask inside the gym while you are not exercising. You do not need to wear a mask while exercising.The coaches will be wearing a mask inside for the entire class. You do not need to wear a mask while outside.

If you have any symptoms (that are not allergies!) then please do not come to training. If you have been exposed then we ask you wait 2 weeks before returning. We will have that posted up as required by the state.

You may not come into the gym if there is a training in session. When you pull in for your training session please wait in your car until their training is released. If you are training inside then please park in the spaces in front of the building with signs labeled 1-10 . We will call you in when it is clear to enter and for fluidity will ask you to go to the same gym space number that you parked in. 

Please show up to training on time! Classes will be 45 minutes. If you book a time and find that you are unable to make it then please go back in to cancel! Due to limited spots you could be taking it from someone else!  Be a team player and don't no show once you book!

How to sign up

Please bookmark this link

While we are able to reserve you a class...we cannot have 200+ people emailing us throughout the day to do it for them so please read the instructions below and save them to help you get signed up and guarantee your spot


1.) The link will take you to a strange looking website called MindBody

2.) If it does not automatically take you to the Get Fit NH MindBody then type "Get Fit NH" into the search bar

3.) It will take you to a login page. Click "not a staff member" at the bottom

4.)  A schedule will come up. Scroll to the day or the week you are trying to book a training

5.) Click "Sign up now" for the class that works for your schedule

6.) If you do not have an account then click "create account"
* note if it says you already have an account, just do a forgot password using your email 🙂 I also attached this screen cast which shows you exactly how to book the class


If you train with your spouse or someone who lives in your household you only need to sign up ONE of you, because you can train in the same section! If you and your spouse were already signed up at the same time please know I deleted one of you so that we could accommodate more friends in one hour. 

Virtual Training​​

  • We will continue to offer TrueCoach through the summer for those of you who are not ready to resume in person training
  • We will continue to livestream at 5 am and send out the recording by 7 am
  • We will keep an open zoom room for all indoor training times so you can feel like you are part of the crowd 
  • The recorded version will look a little different. The coach will not be doing the exercises with you in front of the screen, but we will be wearing a head set so you can hear us while coaching the class that you will be able to see. This will be another form of new for us! We will not be using Facebook live. Only zoom so save this link

And Finally

​If you fit this description please let us know​​

  • Only using recorded videos 
  • Going to resume in person training 

Then please let us know so we can remove you from TrueCoach. 

These guidelines are going to continue to update and we are going to continue to keep you in the loop! As you know, we are short staffed and will be working hard together to be consistent and powerful in our delivery.  Thank you for your continued support and patience. We appreciate you.

Now let's make it happen!

Coach Meagan

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