Athlete Academy: Only 2 Summer Spots Left, Bonus Summer 3rd Day!

Breaking News!

Starting Tuesday, July 10, 2018 we will be adding a THIRD  day of our Athlete Academy program for the summer.  That third day will be held every Tuesday night from 8-9:15 PM starting July 10th.  

What’s the best part?

That third day is FREE!  If your child is signed up for the 2x per week program that third day is absolutely, 100% free.  For those of you with teens 13-18 years old this is the perfect opportunity to help maintain or even increase their performance and health over the summer.  

It’s no secret that all to often when summer rolls around kids see a decrease in structure and physical activity.  This can lead to decrease in performance for those playing fall sports, as well as the creation of unhealthy habits in others.  Studies show that childhood obesity numbers increase the most over the summer when kids have less rigid schedules and less structure.  Our Athlete Academy program can help mitigate this as well as help kids playing fall sports come back stronger, faster, and in better shape than ever.  

Well maybe you aren’t playing a fall sport?  Then there is no better time than the summer to step your game up to the next level.  The extra time to focus and hone their skills can be instrumental in many fantastic seasons to come!  Space is extremely limited so please register below. As always every kid will have a free coaching call, athletic assessment, and training session to see if the program is right for them before signing them up.  Happy Summer!

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-Coach Adam

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