August and September Referral Reward Challenge

We have had an INSANE amount of fun handing out prizes over the last several months as we have kicked off a consistent referral challenge. So far we have given away a paddle board to Anne,  Nike ID shoes to Eric, a $200 gift card to EMS to Melissa and a $50 gift card to Under Armor to Melanie! When you share the good word, we reward you! Not only does EVERYONE get $50 just for referring to us, but now on top of that their name is added to a drawing to win some pretty cool stuff.

In August and September if you refer to us you will get your $50 cash and you will also get your name in a drawing to win a FREE night at Adventure Suites, Red Jacket Inn OR Great Wolf Lodge. I have stayed at all three of these hotels and they are SUPER fun for the family or with friends. 

Check out this video- at the end I'll give you some tips to get your friends in here! 

Tell Your Friends!