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Shining the Spotlight on Cara

Cara is one amazing lady. She works consistently every day on herself. She's taken time to change her life one step at a time. 

I couldn't be prouder of Cara. She struggles like the rest of us. She has great days and crazy days. She doesn't let her situation dictate her life though. She takes charge and Make It Happen.

Proud to be one of her Coaches,

Coach Nancy

And the Winner is……

Katie from Team Mental Toughness- Extra Effort

I am so proud of those that participated in Sizzlin Summer Slimdown 2018. This year our challenge was a Coach driven as each person chose a coach to work with for six weeks. It was a group effort and we all need peeps. 

Get Fit NH also awarded the individual with the biggest percentage of inches lost from their hips and waist. 

Katie chose Team Mental Toughness- Extra Effort. With her team behind her she won the Grand Prize of over $2400. I'll let Katie tell you more of her story. 

"In April of 2017 I began my weight loss journey. The boot camp I go to runs a weight loss challenge every spring. I hadn’t been going regularly, but decided to finally get serious about losing weight. I started off at almost 180 lbs - always tired, in pain, and depressed. I struggled to keep up with my young son. During the 8 week challenge, I lost 25 lbs. I continued to lose over the summer and by October I had lost almost 45 lbs. Then my mom got cancer, and things got stressful and the pounds started packing back on. I stopped going to boot camp and gained 15-20 lbs back over the winter. I was sad and frustrated because I had been so close to my goal.

Fast forward to this April. I was really looking forward to the weight loss challenge because I was set on reaching my goal, and hopefully winning the grand prize. It wasn’t always easy, but I stayed focused with the help of my family and coach. I ate clean, got back into hiking, ran up and down my driveway too many times, and push mowed my lawn with my old jalopy mower (the one that caught on fire last summer, lol).

During the challenge, I lost 19 lbs and several inches off my waist and hips (the inches were what counted in the contest). I’m down almost 50 lbs from last year and only 6 lbs away from my goal weight. This past Saturday was the reveal party to announce the winner... I knew I did well, but I had no idea how well others had done (there were over 200 people participating). To make this long story short, I did it - I won!

I’d really like to thank my amazing and patient husband Jon who was there to listen to me stress, help me out, and who was happy to stay home with Jonathan while I was off hiking or exercising (even on Father’s Day). He even ate veggie wraps that tasted like lawn.

Also a huge shout out and thank you to my coach, Nancy Carlson of Get Fit NH. You make training personal and fun, and you’re always there to push me harder or email me when I don’t show up. You changed my way of thinking and taught me how to eat right and not diet, which is huge. And, you are a huge inspiration to me. During training I always think, what weight would Nancy pick up?You’re old enough to be my mother and you’re still stronger than me ? (and you have a great sense of humor, lol).

So in closing, here are some before and after photos, my coach and I, and a photo of my first purchase with my prize money - a new push mower!"

Katie did an amazing job. She rocked it and so did many of you. Katie didn't stop after S3 last year. She kept on pursuing her goal. The take away is life can get in the way if you allow it or you can make a decision and keep on going until the job is done.  Katie has more to go and with that new lawn mower and all of Get Fit NH behind her, she will be there soon. 

Keep Making It Happen,

Coach Nancy

Clean and Lean or Cr8 Your Plate- What’s Next for Me?

Summer is all about change, and contrary to public opinion, change can be a GOOD THING!

  • The kid's schedule changes as they get out of school.
  • The gardens change from seedlings to full grown plants producing fruit.
  •  The weather changes and in New England it changes often. 
  • We break out the grill and change the menu.
  • Out come the summer clothes to change up the winter wardrobe.

Now it might be up for debate which of those things are "good" or "bad" change, but the fact is change can shake us out a rut as we face new challenges!

Get Fit NH is breaking out some change as well. Our recently completed Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown saw some fantastic results - dramatic weight loss (OVER 1 TON!), healthier eating patterns, newfound menu planning skills, and delicious new recipes. 

Good News!

We aren't done changing things up. On Wednesday, June 27th we'll be sitting down to show you the Clean and Lean 2018 Challenge, and rolling out our brand new "Cr8 Your Plate" meal planning service. The challenge starts on July 6th, so here's your chance to have all your questions answered ahead of time.

 In case all that change means you missed hearing about the "Clean and Lean 2018" challenge,  catch up on that here.   

Special Bonus!

Coach Dean will be doing live training on the Modernmeal menu planning software at this meeting. We'll cover how to add recipes and meal plans, search for favorite recipes, scale your shopping list and much more.

If you purchase Clean and Lean or the "Cr8 Your Plate" menu planning service ahead of time, you can even load the app on your phone before you get there, and we can show you how easy it is to use right from your device.

Here's just one of the cool things you can do with Modernmeal;

Lean and Clean 2018 is a great way to keep your momentum going, all summer long. And if you are just getting started, that's great too!

This workshop is right around the corner so if you have not put it on your calendar- change that. 🙂

 June 27th

Wednesday, 6pm-7pm

Get Fit NH Concord

We'll see you there,

Coach Dean and Coach Nancy

S3 Spotlight Shines Brightly

Just finished S3- Sizzlin Summer Slimdown? 

Pat yourself on your back- you've made this coach proud.

I just finished entering some of our numbers into the magical spreadsheet that tallies up scores. I see so much in those numbers. Some of you have worked to decrease your weight and succeeded by grand numbers. Others have lost weight but more importantly they've proved to themselves they could. While others have lost weight while dealing with unbelievable stress and obstacles. Others have seen how a meal plan can benefit their overall wellbeing. There is so much success from my team and all the other teams too. 

Marcy said; "I LOVE the grocery list...I am saving so much on not throwing things out!!!"

Tracy discovered; "Having fish once a week is awesome! I love the halibut!"

Mary Beth succeeded through a challenging time of year; "I've given up all caffeine and diet soda at the tail end of a stressful school year."

Sonia found a win when; "I unexpectedly had to come into the office today and my lunch was ready to go!!! I didn't have to figure out what I was going to bring with me!!

Patty sees a win; "I took a close look at my goals today, as well as my steps to get to them. I realized that although I struggle with one of them, I have put into place all the other actions."

These are just sprinklings of all the wins Team MTXE accomplished. Meagan's Minions, Team Adam- Start to Finish, S3 TBT Team Fox, and S3 Team Mean Dean are seeing these successes too. 

Take time right to pat yourself on the back. Shout out your wins below.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

Want to Know What’s Next? – Save the Date

Summer is just about to hit us smack in the face. We've started out right with the Sizzlin' Summer Slimdown Challenge. Don't you want more? You know you are not done yet. What if you didn't participate in our challenge? Now is your chance.

Want to find out what's next on your coaches mind? Save this day and time so you can be in the know and keep your Healthy Nutrition Focus going. 

 June 27th

Wednesday, 6pm-7pm

Concord Get Fit NH

I'll see you there,

Coach Nancy

Spotlight on Two New Friends

Michelle and Amanda met at Get Fit NH. They see each other at training and they are seeing results together. 

Listen for yourself: 

I'm proud of Amanda and Michelle for taking time each day for themselves. That time is helping them become better moms, spouses, employees, and friends. 

Keep Making It Happen,

Coach Nancy

Pick Up Your Veggies this Summer at Get Fit NH

There is nothing fresher, tastier, and yes even more friendly to the environment than having local produce grown by local farmers. For those of us who don't have the time or talent to grow our own veggies, getting involved in a CSA is like gold! (CSA= Community Supported Agriculture)

This is where it gets exciting, Get Fit NH is sponsoring a pickup place for Brookford Farm's CSA. You will be able to pickup your veggies at Get Fit NH. Last summer we did this and it was fantastic. For those of you out in Epsom, Coach Nancy will bring your food to the Epsom gym for pickup there as well. I would say that's perfect for everyone!

Brookford Farms has an easy registration process. They have different packages to fit your family's needs. While registering simply check the box for Get Fit NH Concord as your pick up place. Your veggies start arriving on June 4th, 2017 to October 21st 2018.

You can register using this link: Brookford Farm CSA Online Registration

If you need help, please contact Jodi at or 603-742-4084.

Don't wait til the last minute to sign up!

I am in the third year of doing this CSA. I love it. The variety and the amount of veggies are fantastic. Plus you all know VEGGIES are always the answer.

To your best health,

Coach Nancy

Snag Tips and Trade Secrets for Meal Prep During S3

I confess I am a spy. As a coach I can peak into each team's Facebook group and also see some answers for Coach Catalyst. After week one, I have to say I am very impressed. You are making all the Get Fit NH coaches very proud.

I also know that week one is often followed by harder weeks 2 and 3. It is these weeks that can solidify or crush our spirits. Every Saturday during S3 I will be at Live Juice in Concord from 9-10 to help you out best with S3.  I want to focus on making next week simpler by making meal prep easier. I'm coming gear with ideas you can implement to make grocery shopping easier, cooking faster, and meals simpler to stick to the plan. I'll even bring my manual so you can see the notes I've made.

They open right at 9am so I'll be waiting at the door for them to unlock it. I have to leave at 10 to pick up my son. But an hour each Saturday is yours if you can make it. I am opening this to all S3 teams.

This hour will also give you a chance to be encouraged, inspired, accountable to others. Its a win/ win.
Remember every Saturday 9-10am at Live Juice in Concord on Main St. during S3. 

Keep Making It Happen!

Coach Nancy

Motherhood is Not for Wimps!

Childbirth is usually the most challenging athletic event most women will ever train for – being a mom is definitely not for wimps! And that's just the beginning.

Think about it.....

Who do you know that will get up multiple times in the middle of the night just to check on the kiddos?

Who is willing to sacrifice their good outfit for a shoulder-full of spit up?

Who is able to kiss and mend boo boo after boo boo?

Who is often rushing around in a whirl wind of activity to help everyone else get out the door with all they need and yet not have taken the time to grab more than coffee for themselves?

Who smiles when the kids get off the bus only to the sounds of "What did you fix me for snack?"

Drives the kids all around from practice to game to library and yet has dinner on the table?

Who is willing to listen to tears and sobs from a home sick college girl late into the night?

Who plans, prepares, runs around for a wedding that is not theirs but their daughter's?

Then repeats this whole process again for her grandchildren? 

That is my mom! 

My mom is not a wimp. I know she is not perfect but she is the perfect mom for me. 

I am serious ingrate, and it is so hypocritical.

How many times did I hear growing up and have I told my own kids to say “thank-you”? 

I'm going to take a few minutes this week to say thank you my mom for being who she is to help me be who I am. Why not do the same? 

Happy Mother's Day Mom- I love you!


Here’s What Missing from your Healthy Eating Plan

If you're working at becoming healthier , here are some of the checklist items that you might have omitted:

  • Actively add foods to energize your life 
  • Ask why
  • Clean out your cupboard and remove open containers of food
  • Treat yourself better than you did last month
  • Offer to help others and create an accountability partner
  • Start a garden
  • Organize your refrigerator
  • Invent a way you'll track what you eat
  • Highlight things you already do well by making them better
  • Do the dishes
  • Cut coupons and check the sales ads
  • Make your shopping list
  • Get smarter at how foods react to you. (Click here to start a free nutrition course.)
  • Encourage curiosity, find a new food to try
  • Surface and highlight difficult decisions
  • Figure out what didn't work well last week and make a plan to get it better
  • Organize your cookbooks or recipes
  • Start 
  • Eat as if others were watching you
  • Smile a lot.

It's easier than ever to start a nutrition plan but there needs to be a really good reason (and a lot of hard work in play) for you to stick with it. Here's to finding several.

To Your Best Health,

Coach Nancy

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