Autism Fitness is Coming to Get Fit NH

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Mae Lynn and her son Henry to you. Mae Lynn came to me a few months ago confessing her hopes and dreams to change the community of adults with Autism. Her passion and drive is truly inspiring and contagious, I just couldn't say no! I am going to let Mae Lynn share in her words the really exciting news...

My full time job for decades has been to make the best life I can for my son, Henry, 23. Because there is seemingly no place in the real world for those with autism once they leave school, his life is a lonely one, and I know he isn’t the only one. So I’ve been working hard to try to think of ways to include adults with autism in the community. I’ve discovered since Henry left the school system that there is a very big difference between being “in the community” and “included in the community.” Henry and I are out and about all the time. But there might as well be a giant bubble around us for all we are actually part of anything.

My dream is to eventually create a place where people like Henry can feel included. My gym, Get Fit NH, has always been that for me: a home away from home where people know me, look forward to seeing me, and genuinely care about me. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Henry and others like him could have the same experience?

I believe that people with autism cannot be included if their fundamental differences are not understood and accounted for. I’m happy and proud to say that I became a Certified Autism Fitness Professional this past November. This means that I am qualified to develop and provide fitness programs that are appropriate and empowering for individuals on the autism spectrum. The Autism Fitness approach uniquely takes into account the physical, adaptive, and cognitive deficits present in ASD. 

Fitness and physical activity should be fun, accessible, effective, and not overwhelming. I have learned that there are concepts and activities that work enormously well for athletes with autism. I’m thrilled to announce that the first step to making my dream happen is in the works. On November 2 at 9am at Get Fit NH I will be presenting “Try This @ Home” - a workshop for parents and caregivers of individuals on the Autism Spectrum. This workshop will be an introduction to the unique ABA-based Autism Fitness approach. At this workshop, proactive parents and caregivers can learn how to set up an environment for their athlete to achieve success in physical fitness. Believe me, your athlete will surprise you! I have been working with Henry for a few months now and his swim coach and physical therapist both commented on how much stronger he is.

As if that isn’t exciting enough, in January 2020, Eric Chessen himself, founder of Autism Fitness, will present a weekend-long Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification right here at Get Fit NH. This training is for fitness professionals, physical therapists, educators, anyone who is currently bringing physical fitness to the autism population. Autism Fitness education provides adaptive programming solutions that will enable support professionals to deliver fitness programming to anyone with developmental deficits to create powerful daily living outcomes that last a lifetime. 

Join us! We are going to build a team of professionals first here at Get Fit NH and hopefully all over our state who “get” athletes with autism. The lives of those with autism and their families, as well as the community in general, will be better for it.

To register, click the links below.

Free Try This @ Home Workshop November 2, 2019 9am-12pm - Click here to register

Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification January 18-19, 2020 9:30am-5:30pm - Click here to register

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