Balanced Eating=Healthy Life & Mind

In life we experience get-togethers, parties, holidays, celebrations, work, vacations, going
out on a spontaneous dinner date, etc. When these events come up, there is no need to
panic. We can enjoy ourselves, while still being in control of our food and the choices we
Plan ahead:
1. If you are going out to dinner:
a. Select a place that you know offers healthy meals
b. Look up the menu ahead of time to avoid stress or quick decisions
c. While looking at a menu, be mindful of meal descriptions
i. Choose grilled over fried
ii. Choose roasted/steamed or sautéed over fried
iii. Choose healthy sides: vegetables or salad

2. Going to a party? :
a. Offer to bring a side dish or main course. Something you know is a healthy
option for YOU.
i. Vegetable platter, fruit platter, meatballs, chicken skewers, etc.
ii. Otherwise, choose your best options. Protein source first, then
healthy sides. Use your hand to help judge proper portion sizes

3. Travelling?
a. Pack healthy snacks or meal prep:
i. Jerky, mixed nuts, tuna packets, protein bars/chips, cottage cheese,
yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

BALANCE should be incorporated into everyone’s life as well! This means have some
sweets, have a slice of pizza, go out for that ice cream. It is OKAY to have these things. No
food is bad or good, its just food is food! You can fit any food into your daily calories and
still hit your goals! Always plan ahead and know that you are in control of your choices!
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