Body Weight VS Body Composition

When it comes to fitness, a lot of people will use the number on a scale to determine their success in training. We become so fixated on a number, and allow ourselves to get frustrated or disappointed just because we aren’t seeing a significant change on that scale. Truth is that is not your only tool to measure your progress. An even better one is a body composition test. So what’s the difference between body weight and body composition? 

Understand your body weight is just your body’ total mass. Which consists of your bones, organs, muscles, fat, and water. All those things contribute to your total mass. Even though you can get an idea of what your weight is based on those components, you really don’t know how much each of those components are contributing to your weight. That’s where body composition comes into play. When doing a body composition test, which there are many forms, you will get a better understanding of what percentage of muscle and fat you have on your body. This is where your focus should really be. As most people whose goal is to lose weight, really your goal is to lose fat. Now you may be asking, aren't those the same thing? Well, yes and no. Through proper training and good nutrition, you can burn fat off your body. At the same time though, you can also gain muscle in the process. Seeing how muscle is more dense than fat, that means it weighs more. So if you lose fat and gain muscle, you can see your weight actually go up on the scale. And that can be a good thing! But the only way to know what that increase or decrease in weight on the scale means, is to do a body composition test. Hopefully I have broadened your horizons to see past the number on a scale and start seeing the bigger picture. Soon we will have our STYKU which will help show you your body composition. Also our dietician Laura can help you as well so feel free to reach out to her! Let's keep getting after it! 

Coach Dylan

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