Bring on 2021!

Let’s be real, 2020 was not the year we all were hoping for. That’s putting it mildly. For many of us it has been difficult. We saw the rise of a global pandemic absolutely turn our world upside down as everything came to a halt. With it came the lockdown and we had to close the gym. But we learnt how to adapt, with it came virtual training and introduction to TrueCoach which we still use today. Eventually we were able to come back to the gym for training following safety protocols and guidelines. Then we began the transition into the new gym we have today! I guess the reason I am bringing all this up is because even though there were a lot of tough roads traveled, there were also many positives that came with it. 

That’s why I think as we head into the New Year, it’s important to take this opportunity to reflect on this past year through all the ups and downs and just try to grow and learn from it. Regardless of how you have been training or maybe even if you are taking a break right now. To start 2020 we introduced the Milestone Club to help keep track of your fitness journey. So to those of you who participated I ask you, how did it go? Were you able to find success and hit your goals? Even if you didn't, that's ok. Part of it is a learning experience to get better. 

As we get ready for 2021, I want you to reset, refocus. Expand on the success you may have gained or learn from the tribulations that stopped you. It’s a new year, with new challenges but also new possibilities. So let’s start it out with a bang! Happy New Year everyone. Thanks again for being the amazing clients that you are and supporting us through everything. We wouldn’t be here without you. 

Coach Dylan

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