30 Days Results in Advance

On November 1st we are kicking off our first ever 30 day results in advance program. We have been toying around with this idea for a few weeks and we decided to put our foot down and run with it. This specific program is for new clients and former clients only, but don’t worry Get Fit NH clients, we are working on a little something for you too!

Here’s what it includes:

  • 16 group personal training sessions
  • 4 weeks of personalized nutrition coaching with Coach Ashley
  • Personal checks ins via text between you and your coach 3x per week
  • Weekly bodyfat scanning using our Styku scanner
  • Weekly meals plans
  • Unlimited accountability
  • Private Facebook group with other challengers and coaching team

All of THIS for $99!

This is an extremely personalized offering so we can only take 10 people for this. Sign ups must be complete by Friday, October 29, 2021 so we can make sure that everyone is ready to rock on November 1st. This program will run through Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

Don’t fall victim to the national average of 10 pounds gained during the holiday season! We can help! If you have questions please reply to this email or call me directly at 603-848-6138. Otherwise, get signed up using the button below. 


In the Comfort Zone

Alright let's talk for a minute about the comfort zone. You know what I am talking about, your daily routine or habits that allow you to relax or put on auto-pilot for a second and not have to worry or stress about anything. A place where you feel safe from the pressure of uncertainties and what if’s. That comfort zone.

Don’t get me wrong, I like enjoying being in the comfort zone, and I am not saying you shouldn’t enjoy it either. But one of many quotes I remember speaks the truth about it. “The comfort zone is beautiful, but nothing grows there.” In order to really evolve, level-up, or improve you really have to step outside of your comfort zone. 

In relation to fitness, no one gets stronger lifting the same weight over and over if they feel completely comfortable doing it. In order for change or growth to happen, you have to be willing to be uncomfortable lifting something that is heavier that you know will challenge you a lot more. And hey, you might not be able to fully master that weight at first, but just the action of trying to pick it up and use it will make you that much more confident to try again the next time. And that little push will start getting the ball moving, slowly allowing you to build up to that same weight and eventually even master it. But none of this happens if you aren’t willing to get outside your comfort zone and try. Heck I know I have been humbled more than once in the gym. But I will always be willing to try. So I encourage all of you to do the same. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You got all of us supporting you!

Get Fit NH Scan Day

We are about to put our Stkyu body scanner to WORK! Effective immediately we are implementing a Get Fit NH scan day one Saturday per month. We really want to be more consistent in offering you guys data, results and beyond the gym coaching. It can feel rushed when scanning between classes so we are working to solve the problem by offering a day that is typically more flexible for people.

We expect this to be pretty popular so we are going to ask that you sign up (and show up.) We will have one coach scanning clients and then we will give you your numbers and the opportunity to chat with a second coach about your success strategy while the scan coach keeps running clients through the scanner. 

This will also serve as an opportunity to hit the scanner on a monthly and consistent basis, while ensuring our newer clients have the opportunity to get their initial scans in. 

Our first scan day is Saturday, October 16th from 8 am - 10 am. You do NOT need to pick a specific time, but we do want to know who to expect.

Please sign up here

Mindset is Everything

Fixed or Growth?

Someone with a fixed mindset believes that their qualities and abilities are fixed traits, set in stone; that you either “have it” or you don’t. They perceive even the smallest stumble as proof of their limited intelligence or capability. When it comes to working toward goals, they give up easily because they believe they can’t improve.

Alternatively, with a growth mindset, you perceive a failure as a temporary setback and a learning opportunity to figure out what you can do differently next time to achieve a different outcome. You see setbacks as a chance to build on your abilities and knowledge base. You believe that effort influences success, so you spend more time practicing or learning, which in turn leads to greater achievement

Your mindset influences your behavior more than you might imagine and can determine whether or not you pursue and accomplish your goals. 

If you have a growth mindset around fitness then you believe you can get fitter, stronger, and even more athletic, no matter where you’re starting from. “Let's say you believe you’re good at running, so you actively work to improve at it and get better. Conversely, let's say you don’t believe you’re good at upper body strength work, so you avoid working on it, and as a result, don’t make any upper body strength gains. A growth of mindset directly affects our capacity for physical growth."

“The first step to a growth mindset:

Tell yourself a different story.”

Creating a Growth Mindset

When we run up against a wall or a difficult situation, how we interpret and react to them depends on our beliefs about ourselves. Our actions are a manifestation of those beliefs.  The first step in cultivating a growth mindset: The moment those self-defeating thoughts arise; picture a big red stop sign. And then shift the narrative. 

Instead of telling yourself        

  • I’m not good at this

  • I can’t do this

  • It’s beyond me


  • can do it; I am improving

  • It’s only possible if I try

  • It’s OK to fail because I’ll learn from my mistakes



Redefine “Failure”

Yes, failure is painful. It burns in our mind and makes us doubt ourselves. But rather than allowing it to define you (or your perceived limitations) and make you shy away from new challenges, reframe it as a springboard for growth. What you believe is what you achieve. How you choose to interpret your experiences can determine what you will, or won’t, accomplish. 


Consistency is KEY

With anything else, consistency is always key to success. It’s a consistency of your effort and focus over time. A growth mindset means there’s a belief in change.


A growth mindset creates a powerful passion for learning. “Why waste time proving over and over how great you are, when you could spend that time getting better?”

It’s never too late (and you’re never too old) to learn. When we stretch ourselves and push out of our comfort zone, our brain forms new connections. With practice, these connections get stronger and what seemed daunting at first can soon become easy.

Coach Ashley  

2021 End of the Year Challenge

We are excited to roll out this new challenge, but we have a bit of a problem...

What should we name it????End of the year challenge is VERY boring, so we are leaving the name up to you! Let us know what you think and we will pick our favorite and your legacy shall live on! 

Now that THAT housekeeping is out of the way let's just dive right in! Everyone likes a good challenge, right? We are going to have THREE categories to focus on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The MOVEMENT challenges will change each month, but the other categories will remain the same from now until the end of the year, so here we go!

Movement Challenges:

Monday: 100 Knee Grab Abs or in and outs 

Tuesday: 500 M on the ski erg

Thursday: 25 squat thrust, burpees or chirpees

Friday: 50 get ups or speed squats 

Nutrition Challenges:

Monday: No snacking after dinner

Tuesday: Prepare your lunch for tomorrow

Thursday: No alcohol

Friday: 80 ounces of water

Lifestyle Challenges:

Monday: Schedule in your training for the week

Tuesday: Get to bed/screens off by 9:30

Thursday: List 1 thing you are grateful for, 1 thing you did great this week, 1 thing you are going to do better next week

Friday: Make a meal plan and grocery list for next week

Okay, so there's the challenge! You don't have to take on all three parts if that is overwhelming. The way you take on this challenge is in YOUR hands. Here are a few ways

  • Take all three categories on for all 4 days
  • Take on ONE category where you are struggling the most
  • Pick TWO days and commit to all three categories

HOW you do it is up to you, but I am encouraging EVERYONE to do part of it. How cool would it be to see a bunch of you cheering each other on on the ski ergs after training? And how amazing would it be to build new habits that will help you reach your goals. 

Let's make a promise to ourselves and KEEP IT!

Who is in?

Don't forget to name the challenge! Also HUGE bonus points if you take a picture/video of any of  the challenges and tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We want to blow up your friends with the greatness. Let's encourage them to get healthier!

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How much Weight should I lift?

I was asked this question during one of our workout classes, and to be honest it really is a great question. And I am sure you already know what our response is...it depends! Haha bet you didn’t see that coming. But it’s true, everyone is different. Everyone has different body types, certain limitations, that will determine how much one can lift. For example how much weight Coach Adam can deadlift will significantly be more weight than I can deadlift. That’s because Adam is naturally bigger and stronger than me. So a heavy weight for me, won’t be as heavy for him. This is important to keep in mind because you shouldn’t compare yourself to others in the gym. The only competition you have is with yourself! 

Now back to weight selection. At first we always start light when learning new exercises or trying things for the first time. That’s because we want to make sure you feel comfortable getting the movements down, learning what muscles you are working and should be feeling. You never want to sacrifice good form on an exercise just to lift heavier weights. Form is everything! Once you gain that confidence and repetition on those exercises, then we should be looking to progress those exercises to lift a little heavier. 

A lot of it comes down to feel, at least for me. Some days I’ll be feeling good and lifting heavier. While other days I just won't have it and will have to go lighter. But I am always looking to push myself. If it feels like you are just going through the motions and not really feeling the muscles working through the exercises, then you can most definitely lift heavier. It shouldn’t feel comfortable lifting weights, it should be difficult. That is how you are going to make your gains in the gym. Even if it is just a little bit at a time. Over the long run, you will improve and you will see the fruits of your labor. 

Coach Dylan

Why Hydration is an Important Part of Your Workout

You might have heard the advice to drink at least eight glasses of water a day — but there’s actually a lot more to hydration you should consider, including how active you are and external factors like the weather. 

Being well hydrated is fundamental to good health. You should always be aware of your hydration needs to ensure your body’s fluids are properly replenished. Drinking enough water to stay hydrated will allow you to function and exercise at an optimal level. 

What is hydration?

Hydration is the process of replacing water lost from your body. It is essential to stay hydrated because more than half (about 50%-70%) of your body is made up of water!

What is proper hydration?

Many guidelines recommend drinking at least 2 liters (68 fluid oz) of water a day. Another simple way to calculate how much water you need is to divide your body weight (in pounds) by two, and that number is how much water, in fluid ounces, you should drink each day.

It’s important to stay well hydrated, because the water inside your body aids many vital functions, such as lubricating your joints, keeping the body temperature stable and moving nutrients to where they’re needed. Hydration is equally important as your nutrition!

Recent studies have found that being well hydrated may also:

  • Help you sleep better & improve cognitive function

  • Give you more endurance, allowing for more effective workouts

It’s also worth considering what you’re eating — many fruits and vegetables have high water content and can help you maintain hydration.

What is dehydration?

Dehydration can happen when your body has lost more water than you’ve taken in. 

If you are dehydrated, your body’s water balance is disrupted, and your body may not function as it should. 

What are the signs of dehydration?

You may have experienced a symptom of mild dehydration before. These symptoms can include:

  • Feeling thirsty

  • Dark urine

  • Difficulty concentrating

More severe cases of dehydration may include the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue

  • Headaches

  • Lightheadedness

  • Heat cramps (painful spasms in the muscles)

How you lose water from your body


Sweating during a workout is your body’s way of keeping cool. Your sweat glands release fluid (mainly water), which evaporates from your skin and helps to keep your body temperature stable.


When you workout, you lose fluid through heavier breathing — and the fitter you are, the more you might sweat. You can also perspire more when working out in hot or humid conditions.

September Recovery Week and Get Fit NH Test Day

We are approaching our third recovery week for 2021, woohoo! This is a very important time to allow our bodies to recover! After a hard 12 weeks of training our body gets tired and sometimes with fatigue little aches and pains start to reveal themselves. By taking a week off from hard training every 3 months we allow our bodies to rest and recover so that when we get back in the gym we feel rejuvenated and ready to take on a new phase of training.  We are heading into the long stretch when we get back! Our next recovery week won't be until Christmas!

We have grown significantly over the last several weeks, so I am going to educate our new peeps a little more. 

At Get Fit NH our program is periodized. That means the training builds on itself over a 12 week phase. At the end of the phase our body has made significant progress...stronger, leaner, faster. Well, even elite athletes don't train 52 weeks a year. Our body would be beat up, injuries would pop up and with injuries often come set backs. That is not our philosophy. We train SMARTER so that we can stay in the gym and work hard. We schedule our recovery weeks around major holidays as those tend to be heavy travel times anyways. Aside from the recovery week in March, you can expect recovery weeks scheduled around 4th of July, Labor Day and Christmas. 

Our next scheduled recovery is September 6th through September 10th. As promised several months ago we will also offer a Get Fit NH test day on Saturday, September 11th. We run a test day, which I will explain in a moment, the first Saturday immedietly following a recovery week when our body is in its freshest form. 

So, what does a test day entail?

The testing day will always look the exact same. You will come in for a warm up and we will do 5 exercises for one minutes. You will count your reps, record your reps and the weight you used on our testing forms and that will be it. The next time we offer a testing day, we will bust the forms back out and you will see what you did last time and see how you progressed. You can expect 30-45 minutes of time for a testing day. It will be simple, efficient, visual and measurable- that's what it is all about! If there is an exercise you are currently unable to do then you will skip it all together. The measurable exercises will be:

Goblet Squat

Deadlift (trap bar or KB)

Push ups

Pull ups

Knee Grab Abs or in and outs

1000 m Ski Erg

This is absolutely free, of course and must be scheduled. Spots are limited. Last time we had a lot of no shows, not cool! If you want to do, do it. If you are unsure please hold off on reserving a spot! Sign up HERE for Saturday, September 11th at 9 AM

Only Action Creates Change

It may seem pretty simple and obvious at first, but it rings true on every occasion. Just think about it for a second. How many times has change happened in your own life without you first taking action? I can count zero times for myself. Granted there may have been other things happening before that moment, but eventually you had to take action. 

Having inspiration, ideas and insight, or imagination for new possibilities are all great things to have and think about when it comes to setting yourself up for success in whatever you pursue. Even though these are powerful tools, unfortunately these are not enough. We cannot think, strategize, hope, want, or envision ourselves into change. No matter how much time you spend on it or think about it. The only way you can create that change is by taking action.

A good way to help you take action is to break down what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. So start by writing down what your goals are. Once you have a specific goal, now you need to identify a skill. Which is the ability or capacity that you need to achieve said goal. Then you break that skill down into practice. This will be something you do that will help you build the skill. After that, you break it down into small daily actions. These are small specific tasks or behaviors that you can do daily and consistently. After repeating this over time, it will eventually become a habit. Helping you work towards completing your said goal. Remember only action creates change! 

Coach Dylan

Be Consistent!

Regardless of what your goals and ambitions are in life, it will take a fair amount of dedication before you accomplish those goals. Whether that is learning a new skill, starting a new career, or pursuing a new interesting hobby. In order to be successful, you need to be persistent. And it is no different when it comes to your fitness goals.

While I was scrolling through my social media feed I saw a quote that stuck out to me. As it is so true when it comes to health and fitness. The quote said, “be consistently good, not inconsistently great.” A lot of times we get so caught up in how hard we train when we workout. And I have certainly been a victim of it too! We think that if we aren’t lifting the normal weight we are accustomed too or we aren’t doing the same exercises that we are “missing out” on the workout. We feel like we need to be all in. And if we can’t then it is nothing at all. When really the opposite is true. Your workouts shouldn’t be an ALL OR NOTHING approach. Like I and other coaches have said, we would rather have you train all your days per week at 60% maximum effort over a longer period of time than 80 to 90% maximum effort and then fizzle out after a week. 

So remember, your ability to be consistent with your training as well as any nutrition plan over a long period of time is what will yield you great results. Aim to be consistently good, not inconsistently great. 

Coach Dylan