Damsel in Defense!

damsel in distressWhat a great name for a company that sells products for personal protection from harm!

Cathy Steenbeke of Damsel in Defense will be at Get Fit NH to show off exactly what her company offers on Tuesday, July 16th at 7pm in Concord.

They have a wide range of products to protect yourself on the go or in the home. There is a sign up for this event at both Epsom and Concord, so please let Cathy knows how many people will be there.

Check out the Damsel In Defense website here!

Recovery Week 1st Notice – Minimum Effective Dose

calendarCan you believe summer is upon us? With that comes the second recovery week of 2013. Holey Moley this year is cooking by!

Now is a good time to evaluate where you are with your goals for the year. Half the year is over, which means you should be halfway to your personal, professional and health goals. Take some time to see where you are at and adjust as necessary.

Why Recover?

Over the years I have written extensively on the benefits of rest and recovery as it relates to your overall training and health. Please check out the following articles to remind yourself why you need to back off at times:

Recovery Is Where The Magic Happens

I Hate Recovery Weeks

Rest, Recover and Regenerate, It’s Not Optional

Minimum Effective Dose

I don’t know if Coach John is the one who coined the phrase Minimum Effective Dose (MED) as it relates to training, however I was reminded of it as I read is latest book, “Intervention”.

You see training is not about how hard you can thrash yourself in a given “workout” or how many “workouts” you can do in a month. It’s about getting the training effect you want, in the minimum amount of time.


Because the less time you are in the gym, the more time your body has to recover. You see you don’t get results from just training, your results are based on how well you recover from your training.

Now that doesn’t mean you don’t train hard when you are in the gym – you should train to the maximum of your ability and according to your training plan. Going through the motions ain’t gonna cut it.

But unless you allow your system to recover, heal and grow, you are just spinning your wheels.

More is not always better!

You don’t need to do 2 a days to get results – train hard, recover, and repeat.

I guess it comes with the territory, but I have always found it strange that because I am a coach people think I “workout all the time”.

Are you nuts?

I am up most days before 4:00am, I have a family, and a business to run. Getting 4 days of training a week is tough enough, what gives y’all the idea I have time to burn all day in the gym? I want to get in, get done, and get out. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE training, but it is not the only thing on my plate.

And it doesn’t need to be. In the past 8 weeks Nancy and I have trained exactly 32 times, approximately 1 hour sessions, 4 days – just like our Team Training schedule.

In conjunction with S3 we can both say we are in our best physical condition in a long time, if not ever. And we are nothing special, believe me. If we can do it, so can you.

Train hard. Eat right (you KNOW what that means, don’t make it harder than it needs to be) and get some R&R.

Don’t argue, just Make It Happen!

Recovery Week Schedule and Upcoming Dates to Remember

Recovery Week:  June 23 to June 30. Training resumes Monday July 1st.

4th of July:  Exercise Your Independence: All Team Training and Brunch. 8:00am Thursday July 4th at Get Fit NH Concord

Schedule Change: The week of July 8th we will be training Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday due to a training conference. Please make note!





2013 Summer Athlete Academy Starts June 21st

We are only 6 weeks away from starting our 8-Week summer Strength and Conditioning Academy for Transformation Athletes (14+).

The goal of this training program, like all we do at AR, is to give each athlete who walks through our doors the tools to do one thing – Get Better.

Sounds like a no brainer?

Maybe not.

Almost anyone can train a teenage athlete to get stronger, but that is only a small part of the picture.

  • How does that new found strength translate to the court, the field, the water, or the track?
  • Is the athlete remaining flexible and injury free?
  • What about agility, coordination, reflexes and reaction?
  • Leadership, focus and teamwork?

There is no magic here. No tricks to jumping higher and running faster. As an athlete you must walk in the doors with focus, determination and the willingness to work hard and then some.

The Athletic Revolution Summer Academy will by coached by Level 1 Youth Fitness Coach Erin Constantin and Level 2 YFS Coach Dean Carlson. (Click Here for Bios)

AR Athlete Academy is a 3 day a week program, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10:00 to 11:15am.

Enrollment is limited, so please don’t delay getting your registration to us immediately. Once we receive your registration we will give you a call so we can schedule an initial athlete assessment and answer any questions.

Athletic Revolution Athlete Academy (14+)

Orientation & Assessment: June 21st
Dates: Full Training runs from Monday June 24th through Friday August 16th (8 weeks)
Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time: 10:00am – 11:15am
Place: Athletic Revolution Concord
Academy Investment: $299/8 Weeks

Please fill out the registration form below to hold your spot, and we will contact you shortly to complete the registration process – Thanks! If you would like more information, please contact us here.

(Please note that clinics and academies are not eligible for the 2 week trial, however your champion can still experience our core offerings for 2 weeks free after attending a clinic/academy)

Spring Seminar Resumes Tomorrow, May 7th 2013

wholehealthIt is no secret that balanced female hormones are essential for a happy, healthy life. Even in the healthiest of women, hormones change throughout our entire lives. Imbalanced hormones put us at higher risk for more PMS, infertility, mood swings and a more difficult transition through menopause.

In addition, imbalanced hormones increase our risk for estrogen sensitive cancers and chronic illness. This lecture will focus on the roles of each of the female hormones, the relationship that exists between them and the symptoms associated with various imbalances.

Ladies you don’t want to miss out on this one, and bring your friends!

Female Hormones and Women’s Health with Dr. Laura Jones
Tuesday May 7th, 2013
7:00pm to 8:30pm
Get Fit NH Concord


New Kettlebell Workshop with Coach Jen Brickey

She’s Baaaaack!

Don’t  miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best the sport has to offer. Kettlebells are versatile, effective and fun – if you know what you are doing.

Jen Brickey absolutely rocked the house last time she was here, so if you missed out last time, get on this one fast. Jen has added another hour of expert instruction to what was already a fantastic workshop, and I guarantee even if you have attended before you will love this workshop as well. She will take us through the basics all the way up to some fun and challenging complexes.

Danger!  We only have 25 spots available, so please don’t delay getting on this train. 🙂

Kettlebells: Basics to Mastery
Date: Saturday May 18, 2013
Place: Get Fit NH Concord
Time: 9:00am to Noon
Cost: $25

Important: To enroll click on the link below. If you are current or former client, please use your username and login. If you don’t know it, you can recover it on the enrollment page. Please do not create an account unless you have never trained with us before.

Click Here to Sign Up for Kettlebells: Basic to Mastery

About Jen Brickey

Jen Brickey has quickly become Newton’s leading fitness expert in kettlebell and boot camps. She is the founder of Fusion Workouts, a 2000 square foot kettlebell functional training studio in Newtonville, MA. Jen is RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) and AOS (Art of Strength) Kettlebell Instructor. Ms. Brickey is also a certified strength and conditioning coach with the prestigious National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS), a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports of Medicine (NASM-CPT).

Jen has been training for 9 years and in that time has helped hundreds of people look good, feel better and move better! In January of 2009, Jens vision of a kettlebell functional training studio was born with Fusion Workouts and since that time her business has grown rapidly.

Jen earned her bachelors degree in exercise science from Hofstra University in Long Island, NY. While at Hofstra University, Jen played basketball on a full scholarship. Being a division 1 athlete, Jen learned how fitness, strength and conditioning and nutrition go hand and hand in being a competitive athlete and being able to compete at the highest level.

Hike for Mike and a letter from Maggie Rose

GS-PromoBetty from the fantastic crew at 6:15 let us know about a wonderful event to benefit Cystic Fibrosis. A few days later Amy from Epsom’s ladies let us know about another fundraiser to help out those with CF. This is a cause near and dear to the Get Fit NH family and we want to pass this information along to you. Here are the two events coming up.

1.  May 18, 2013 Hike for Mike

This is a walk at Jessica and Mike Bates house in Chichester starting at 11am.  Jessica is a crazy 5am client in Epsom and it is her husband Mike that we are walking for.  You can find more about the walk or make a donation at Cystic Fibrosis Hike For Mike

2. June 15, 2013 Race to cure Cystic Fibrosis

This is a 5k /15k run or walk around beautiful Bow Lake.  Amy from Chichester Massage will be at the event and we all know what that means. (Chair massages). To register or find out more about the event go to Bow Lake Dam 5k/15k

Now if you don’t know much about Cystic Fibrosis here is the version Maggie Rose gives. She is a 9 year old little girl with CF who runs the race to cure Cystic Fibrosis every year at Bow Lake.

Dear Race Team,

One of my favorite things is being your special example for Cystic Fibrosis. I love going to the race and seeing so many friends and their families. I like everything about the race. I like when people come here to help us raise money.

The money you raised in past years is really helping a lot of people with CF. One of the CF medicines that scientists made with the money helps tell the cells in the body to work better. It makes some people with CF much less sick. They are able to breathe better, gain weight, and feel more energetic.

The medicine that will help me is still in trial. The money we raise at our race will hopefully go to the special medicine I can get someday!!

People like me, love people like you!

Thank you,

Maggie Rose

We know this is hitting hearts right at Get Fit NH so help make Great Strides to wipe out CF.

Spring Seminar Series w/ Whole Health Concord Continues Next Tuesday April 23

wholehealthWe received tremendous feedback from Part 1 of the series a few weeks ago, and we are excited to hear the knowledge bombs coming our way next Tuesday.

Invite your friends and family, and we will see you there!

Adrenal Health

Healthy adrenal glands are essential for optimal health.  These glands are so important that life itself can be threatened if they are not functioning properly. 

Too often the hectic state of chronic stress in our lives takes a toll and these glands can easily become overworked and tired out.  Poor energy, poor sleep, chronic worry and anxiousness, as well as weight gain, sugar cravings and mood changes can all be symptoms of poor adrenal health. 

One of the most common symptoms of fatigued adrenals is persistent weight throughout the trunk of the body. Come learn more about the adrenals, how they work to keep us healthy, how they easily become fatigued and naturopathic approaches to restoring their vitality and overall health.

Spring Seminar Series with Whole Health Concord
Get Fit NH Bootcamp Concord
Tuesday April 23, 2013
7:00pm to 8:30pm

Suprise Seminar Series w/ Coach Nancy This Saturday – The Breakfast Kitchen

PPW3_Logo-TMThis just in!

The amazing Coach Nancy (3-time Best Fitness Instructor, just saying) is coming to Get Fit NH Concord this Saturday, April 20, 2013 to give us the lowdown on all the amazing choices we have to eat a great breakfast that is S3 compliant, is great for your body, and just tastes great!

Probably the numero uno question we get is what to eat for breakfast. Well now is your chance to find out!

Join us from 9:00am to 10:30 and Coach Nancy will show you there is much more to breakfast than you think. She even promises to give you at least 12 complete breakfast ideas that will keep your taste buds happy!

I know it is short notice – but you are worth all the extra effort. 🙂

See you Saturday!

S3 Seminar Series – The Breakfast Kitchen
Get Fit NH Bootcamp Concord
Saturday April 20, 2013
9:00am to 10:30am

Renegade Playground Challenge at NHMS

logoI know this is super early to be jumping on, but the crew at the Renegade Playground Challenge and New Hampshire Motor Speedway hooked us up with a great entry fee for the 2013 race – Only $40 + admin fee for a total of $43.75.

That is a wicked good deal for this kind of race, so get on board ASAP! We took a crew up there a couple years ago, and in talking with Ana over at NHMS this one is going to be better than ever!

Coach Meagan setup the team, and we are trying to get as many of y’all as we can to join the 9:00am wave with us.

Head on over to http://www.renegadeplayground.com/ to check out what the fun is all about, and then Click Here to register.

Our team name is GET FIT NH, and the promo code is GETFITNH – super innovative, huh?! 🙂

Renegade Playground Challenge
Saturday October 12, 2013

Let’s Have Some Fun!!!

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