THE Challenge of 2019 – You in it to win it?

This morning I woke up and it was 2019. It always amazes me how fast a year flies by. Before we know it 2020 will be creeping up on us. Where do you want to be THIS time next year? Resolutions have never sat well with me. I have always felt like they give you an out and a reassurance that it is ok to give up. I am a firm believer in promises. Make a promise to yourself or to someone else then we are more likely to follow through with that. No one likes to break a promise. 

What kind of promise do you want to make to yourself in 2019 in relation to your health and fitness? It doesn't need to be extreme, but it is healthy to strive for something. Could be being more consistent in your training. Could be laying off the alcohol or drinking more water. How about less screen time and earlier sleep time? 

We are working on ways to help you be more accountable - be on the look out for our new accountability group! It is coming your way toward the end of January. In the meantime we want to kickoff a challenge effective THURSDAY. And all you have to do is SHOW UP! 

Here's how it works...

We already keep attendance, so in 2019 we are shooting for 85% attendance from each of you. Let me break that down for you

For a 4 day client that means you make it to training 150 times in 2019. There are 176 opportunities which means you have 26 opportunities to miss. That is roughly 2 missed trainings per month. Totally doable.

For a 3 day client that means you make it training 110 times in 2019. There are 132 opportunities which means you have 22 opportunities to miss. 

For a 2 day client that means you make it to training 75 times in 2019. There are 88 opportunities which means you have 13 opportunities to miss.

We will give you feedback monthly to let you know where you stand, BUT you must let us know you are IN! So please sign up HERE!

And of course to answer the big question, "Well, what's in it for me if I make it happen?"

The answer to that is a custom designed T-Shirt or Tank Top with ultimate bragging rights marked all over and giant celebratory remarks stamped on it. We will DECK YOU OUT.

WE are determined to make 2019 the best year yet and we know we can't do that without YOU! Give us your all for 2019- we need you!

Let's Make it Happen, Team

The Get Fit NH Coaching Team 

6 Week Kettlebell Class With Coach Brian

I am very excited to announce that starting January 16th I will be holding a 6 Week Kettlebell Class from 6am to 7am! 

This class will focus on building strong kettlebell skills with basic movements and working on chaining them together to build a kettlebell flow. The point of kettlebell flows are to challenge the body metabolically, as well as working on flexibility, mobility, and body awareness. I believe all of those things are incredibly important for living stronger and healthier lives! 

The class will run for 6 weeks to start as a trial and is open to the FIRST 15 PEOPLE that sign up. The class is $99 for the entire 6 weeks of kettlebell fun! If this is something you are interested in please use the link below to sign up and join me for 6 weeks of kettlebell flow! 

Thanksgiving Schedule

Can you believe it is already November? I can’t believe it. The brisk weather is here and snow is not too far behind, BUT hopefully before the snow comes we can enjoy Thanksgiving. I don’t know about you, but I could do without the 2014 Thanksgiving blizzard!

Thanksgiving week is going to be a little bit different. Family time for you and us is important stuff so make sure you jot down the whacky schedule so you don’t miss out on the bonus training (and so you don’t show up when we’re not here!)

Monday November 19th- Regular Training Schedule

Tuesday November 2oth- Regular Training schedule

WEDNESDAY November 21st- Regular Training Schedule 

Thursday November 22nd- No Training

Friday November 23rd- No training

Saturday November 24th World Famous Pie's Off Thighs ALL family training at 8AM

We hope you enjoy this holiday season with your family. Thank you for choosing to train with us!
Get Fit NH Coaches

Do you gamble?

Gamble with your pounds that is? This year we are bringing back Holiday Hold Em'! 

What is Holiday Hold Em' you ask?

Great question. This is a free challenge where you commit to weighing in once a month. If you are already playing Show up, Step up, Stick it up then this will be SUPER easy for you to add in. Each month you must weigh in during the first week of the month and once of your coaches will record it. This will begin the first week of October and end the first week of January. 

Here is how you win:

  • Weigh in the first week of each month starting in October 
  • Last weigh in due no later than Tuesday  January 8, 2019
  • Maintain your October weight (or less) to be entered to win (Get it? "Hold Em")
  • Weight must stay within 7 pounds of initial weigh in each month - meaning if your initial weigh in is 150 pounds you will not be eligible to win if your weight is 158 pounds or more come November, December and/or January- This is to keep you honest for each weigh in and to discourage crash diets! 

Here is how you don't win:

  • Skip a weigh in for November, December or January
  • Miss the final weigh in due no later than Tuesday January 8, 2019
  • Exceed your initial weigh in 

Here is WHAT you could win: All qualifying participants will be entered in to win $100 gift card to Under Armour for some new 2019 training swag 

Everybody wins! 

Make it happen,

Get Fit NH Team 

Sign up HERE


Sugar Free Me Is Here!

Summer may be coming to an end but all the progress you have made does not need to! The Sizzling Summer Slim down went so amazing for all the took part. It has been some time since it ended and some habits dont go away that easily. Dean and Nancy are back to help you tackle sugar and keep the progress rolling! Take a look at the video below to see all the details!

End of Summer BBQ Bash

End of summer already! As we get back into "normal" routines let's take a second to schedule in free food, fun people and games so we can show you how much we appreciate YOU choosing to train with us.

On Saturday, September 15th we will gather at Get Fit NH for some grilled grub and games. We will get the grill started around 11 AM and hang out until the food is gone (or sent away!) We have prepared some mini contests to keep it interesting and entertaining. Come one, come all! This is a great opportunity to show your people where you train and what you do here for a few hours each week! 

If you are going to join us, please let us know by responding here!

​​We look forward to seeing you there (or hearing what else you have planned that is more fun than this)

The Get Fit NH Team

What do costumes, running and family all have in common?

The 7th annual Wicked FIT Run in Concord that's right! 

Grab your sneakers and your favorite costume and come run (or walk) with Families in Transition-New Horizons at their 7th annual Wicked FIT Run in Concord, NH!

By joining the Get Fit NH  team, running in the race, and/or sponsoring the event or a participant, you will support Families in Transition-New Horizons’ efforts of providing a home and hope for homeless families and individuals in Concord, Manchester, and Dover, and Wolfeboro NH.

Join our team here

This family - friendly, costume themed, 5k run/walk will take place Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. at Rollins Park in Concord, NH.

Show up, Step up, Stick it up 2018 is Coming…

Our 3rd annual Show up, Step up and Stick it up Challenge is coming! We run this challenge to keep you honest as we head into a challenging time of year. The fall brings on back to school, sports and that leads us into the holidays and before you know it here comes January and we are motivated to get back on the wagon. 

But imagine how wonderful it would be if you never had to fall off the wagon! Imagine if you had some extra motivation (on top of your coach) to keep you going and keep you honest...

Well imagine no more! This challenge is for you and here is how it works:

Show up: There are 58 opportunities to train between September 10th and December 21st (last day before our final 2018 recovery week!) Your goal is to hit 50! If you choose to take on this challenge then we will give you a challenge card (when we return from recovery week) and each day starting on Sept 10th we will initial the card and that will be your ticket to winning! We know not everyone does Facebook, BUT we would greatly appreciate the added effort of checking in. This extra step will help you with that referral challenge we are running through 2018.  Read more about the referral challenge here

Step up: The Fit3D! On the backside of the card there will be a monthly spot to hit up the Fit3D. You want to talk about keeping you honest? Nothing better than the good ole "truth booth" to keep you on pace. The average weight gain between October and December is TEN POUNDS! It is a lot of work to get those pounds off so let's not fall into that category. We will help keep you honest.

Stick it up: This will also be a monthly spot on the backside of your card. This is for the goals board. Each month we put up a goals board. We strive for this to be apart of our culture and this will help you build that habit and keep you working toward the bigger picture. Each month you will need a coach to initial that verifying that you did in face "stick it up"

If you fill up your card with 50 attendance checks, 4 (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec) step ups and stick it ups then your card will go into the magic prize jar. We will pick THREE cards to win mega awesome prizes. 

1st card pulled earns- Custom sneakers from Nike ID. If you have never heard of those then I highly recommend checking out the value of that prize here.

2nd card pulled earns- $100 gift card to Under Armour 

3rd card pulled earns- A Get Fit NH gift basket valued at $100

We look forward to kicking this challenge off and finishing this year out strong! Let's make it happen,

The Get Fit NH Team

A Get Fit NH Family Member Could Use Our Help!

Some of you may know Get Fit NH Concord 5AM friend, Joe Morrison. 

In October 2016, Joe was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. This is a rare and incurable blood cancer. Joe has completed two rounds of chemotherapy, but his counts are still not where the doctor would like them to be so the next step is for Joe to have stem cell transplant.

This stem cell transplant will require joe to be hospitalized for at least 11 days and then he will be quarantine to his home and in sterile environments for up to 3 months depending on how quickly his immune system recovers. He will not be allowed any visiots or leave his home as everything in the outside world carries germs and could compromise his immune system.

His wife, Susan, will be home with Joe until the doctors clear him to resume normal life. In an effort to help this wonderful couple during this hard time we would like to organize a gift card drive. Since Joe and Susan will be house-bound for a few months they will need to order necessities online and use Hannaford to-go and other services of that nature to minimize outside exposure. In addition to your contribution, we know joe and Susan would find peace in your words on encouragement so please include that with contributions! 

Here is how you could benefit from a contribution:

With a gift card donations comes raffle tickets! The raffles prize will be a $500 gift certificate to Get Fit NH to be applied toward your monthly coaching dues!  Here is how you earn raffle tickets:

Donation amounts:

$20 = 2 raffle tickets

$25= 3 raffle tickets

$40= 5 raffle tickets

$50 or more= 11 raffle tickets

Gift card suggestions

Visa/Mastercard gift card


Rite Aid



We are accepting gift cards now through Friday, August 10th and we will draw the $500 gift certificate winner on Monday, August 13th!

Thank you so much for your consideration and thank you to Tara Brassaw for her hard work in organizing this!

Coach Meagan

August MOVEMENT Challenge

In August we are going to have a friendly competition between yourselves and between the training hours. What will you win, you ask? Bragging rights, pride and of course strong muscles! Here is how it works!

For the month of August we will have a challenge of the day for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Those who accept the challenge will be given an index card so you can personally record your repetitions. Your training hour will also have a designated "block" on the white board where you will tally your reps each day for your class. This is a great tactic to scare the other training times with your big numbers!

Monday: Sled push day! For the month of August we will leave out the sled so you can push it (on Mondays) to get points for yourself and for your class. 1 tally is down and back on the green turf. This can be done before or after training. Please just make sure you are cognizant of your surroundings. We don't want to clip any ankles with the sled- youch!  

Tuesday: Sled pull day! Again, the sled will be out and 1 tally is the length the green turf down and back. You will mark your points on your index card and also on the white board for your training hour. 

Thursday: Ski erg day! 1000 meters will earn you 1 tally for yourself on your index card and 1 tally for your training hour on the white board! You can come in early or stay late to get your Ski Erg meters in!

Friday is for farmers! Farmer walk with 2 kettlebells or 2 dumbbells the length of the green turf down and back will earn you 1 tally for yourself and 1 tally for your training hour! This can be done before or after training on Fun Fridays! ​

The challenge of the day must be done on the designated day to earn points for yourself and for your team. If you will not be at training then they cannot be made up. All the more reason to shoot for perfect attendance in August!

Who will end up with the most tallies on their index card and which training hour will have bragging rights and the strongest muscles of all? We will have to see! Stay tuned for those cards in training!!!

Kicking off: Monday August 6th at 5 AM!

Wrapping it up: Friday August 31st, 2017 at 7:45PM