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Right Fit Fitness is Coming to Get Fit NH

Autism Fitness and Right Fit Fitness is coming soon to Get Fit NH!

We hope to accomplish three things for those living with autism:

  1. Help professionals  working in schools throughout the state to be better equipped to bring fitness programming to those with autism;
  2. Empower parents to make use of the Autism Fitness approach;
  3. Our new division, Right Fit Fitness, will formulate and provide appropriate fitness programming for adults on the autism spectrum.

How will we do this?

  • November 2, 2019: Try This @ Home workshop: This workshop is for PARENTS and CAREGIVERS of those on the spectrum; You will learn how you can use the principles of Autism Fitness to set up a fitness program at home. In addition, we will discuss the importance of your sharing this approach with the professionals who work with your school age child: gym teachers, physical therapists, etc. and urge those professionals to sign up for the weekend in January (see below) so they can better serve the autism population they work with. Sign up here.
  • January 18 and 19, 2020: Autism Fitness Level 1 Certification with AF founder Eric Chessen: This is two days of hands on, intensive training for fitness professionals and educators and offers Continuing Education credits for both. Sign up here.
  • Fall 2019: Our own program, Right Fit Fitness, will be meant for adults on the autism spectrum and will consist of hour long one on one training with a certified Autism Fitness Professional. As our program grows, we hope to eventually have our athletes working in dyads and then small groups with the hope of establishing a community for them like we have here in our Get Fit NH family.

If you have not seen the heart felt message from Mae Lynn, the heart of Right Fit Fitness, then do yourself a favor and check it out here

Survey Says…

Hey team,

Recently we sent out a survey to see how we are doing and the response was FABULOUS and overwhelming. We send out surveys on a quarterly basis to see what we can be doing better and to make sure you are happy. Without your honest feedback we can't get better and grow professionally. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us how you really feel!

I did a Facebook video the other week in response to the survey, but I know not everyone is on Facebook so I am going to hit up some of the questions and concerns right here! The tricky part about surveys is that they are anonymous so we can't respond to you individually. So we will just hope you are reading and of course if you say it then someone else is likely thinking it so let's talk about it! 

1.) More personal attention. 

Hey, you have our ears and our hearts. We hear you, we talked about it and we are on it! 

2.) More time for stretching.

We do our best to fit it in, but sometimes we definitely run out of time. Please know you are ALWAYS welcome to stay and stretch and we can give you stretches to do while you stay We will always respect the one hour rule, but know that there are 10-15 minutes before the next class begins and we will never kick you out for stretching!

3.) More trainings times.

Honestly, with 8 hours of coaching available on training days we have exhausted our coaching bandwidth. Our coaches all have very important pieces to the Get Fit NH team that keep us in business (what a beautiful thing!) Each coach spends 4-6 hours on the coaching floor as it is and that is the fun part for us! We did just hire another full time coach! You have each met Dylan. He is now a permanent member of the team! This was mostly so that our coaches can grow professionally in their specialities - like kettlebell for Brian and Athlete Academy and sport specific training for Adam. Our team is the bomb diggity and I have to protect them to keep them 🙂 

4.) Trainings I can do outside of the gym for when i can't make it!

We did those a while back! Here is an example. If you follow our vimeo you can find even more. Check it out here

5.) One on one time with a coach to talk about injuries, aches and pains

Ask and you shall receive. We don't offer that verbally, but if you need us we are ALWAYS here for you. We also refer out to Performance Health for those consistent aches and pains. If you have never been to them and you have pain then boy are you missing out! They specialize in Active Release Therapy. Check them out here. Every PT and Chiropractor is unbelievable. We also offer gentle yoga and a mobility class with Nicole Detellis. She also specializes in pain management and moving through a pain free range of motion. She also offers 1:1 sessions every Wednesday. We have her business cards at the gym! She is fabulous. 

6.) Follow through on various programs like bands and goals 

We will definitely be better about this , you are heard. We still do Functional Movement Rescreens every 4 months. In fact the next one is when we return from recovery week. We will discuss as a team how we can do better on goals boards!

7.) More Community Involvement

I am definitely working on this! We do Rock N Race every year as our big race and charity trainings once a quarter to support our community. We are now working on getting Autism Fitness up and running which is an exciting project and a HUGE project. We also sponsored Soup Fest this year and gave away over $600 worth of free training to local school raffles. We can't do it all, but we certainly want to be involved! Maybe we just need to be more vocal about what we do 🙂

Thank you so much for your feedback, keep it coming!

Coach Meagan 

Referral Challenge for June and July

We had such a fun time giving away a prizes from our April and May referral challenge, we decided we HAD to keep the challenge going to June and July. So get talking! All those BBQs you are going to and fun summer outings are great opportunities to talk about your story and encourage others to start theirs too!

If you refer someone to us in June or July and they sign up we will give you a $200 gift card to S&W, Bass Pro Shop or EMS so you can deck yourself out with whatever mountain biking, fishing or camping gear you desire! 

On top of that, we will put your friend's name in a separate drawing to win a $50 gift card to Under Armor so they can deck themselves out in new training gear. 

A great way to get people into training is to take advantage of Friends and Family Fun Fridays. This is less of a commitment for them than saying they will do two weeks for free. Let them see who we are and we will show them what we can do for them. Together we can make a big difference. 

We are happy to encourage Friends and Family Fun Fridays at all training times through the summer! 

Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is August 1st!

Coach Meagan

Sled Push Winners

You guys absolutely crushed the sled push challenge this year. This is such a fun way to get classes together and working hard right before a well deserved recovery week. We are proud to announce that the winning class is one of our smallest classes, but boy are they mighty! They worked their butt off and as a class pushed the sled 114 times in March which was an average of 28 pushes per person in the month. They won by a long shot! Rest assured, everyone is given the same amount of time to push the sled. We has some real go getters in this class. The runner up was another small, but mighty class, 6:45! Coming in with 174 pushes which averaged out to 12.45 pushes per person.  But we know there can only be one winner so join me in congratulating 11AM. We will party hardy (is that what the kids are saying these days?) on Friday, April 5th! 

BYOB...Bring your own broccoli 🙂

Way to make is happen,

Coach Meagan

Why Do I Need To Be Strong To Run?

I know that we have a lot of clients who do recreational activities, whether that is running, or hiking both need strength.  It is often quoted that one of the riskiest forms of exercise, from an injury standpoint, is recreational running. The question then is why?  Why is it something that seems so simple to start has such a high risk of injury? By simple I just mean doesn’t take any specialized equipment, anyone who can walk could conceivably wake up on Saturday morning and go for a run if they wanted to.  The other notion that is not fully understood when it comes to running is that you need to be strong, a.k.a you need to strength train.

Why though?  Most of the time when it comes to running people think that the worst thing they can do is strength train because it seems to be the complete opposite of running.  That however is a misconception, the answer to why can be found in physics. Most people have probably heard the phrase “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” what does that mean?  It means that every time force is exerted on an object, that object exerts that force back. For example when running, every time your foot hits the ground, the ground hits back. In the example of plyometric exercise, which is a category running falls under, 2 to 3x as much force is exerted back up your legs.  For some prospective, that means in order to be able to take that pounding most sources suggest that you should be able to squat 1.5 to 2x your body-weight at least, before you start running. This is one of many reasons why when it comes to running strength training is SOOOOOO important.

-Coach Adam 

Fitranx – 300 & 500 Pound Club!

Over this past phase you may have noticed we have been working you up towards lifting some HEAVVVYYYY weights.  You all have taken the challenge and I don’t believe I am mistaken in saying that many of you push yourselves beyond where you thought you could.  I am proud of all of you for pushing yourself.  With that being known, the next Fitranx Badge we will be focusing on for the month is the 300 and 500lb club!  The way to earn this badge is simple (notice I said simple, not easy), in order to earn this badge your deadlift, squat, and bench press must add up to over 300 or 500 lbs respectively.  Some of you may have already broken that barrier with just the deadlift and squats alone over the past week!  

During the month of February we will have note cards for you to record your weights on so that we can give you that badge when you earn it.  If you have any questions, please ask your coach!  Good luck to all.

-Coach Adam

Inefficient Exercises, Why It’s So Important!

This has to do with what it means when you may hear the term “inefficient exercise”.  Simply put this means making the exercise as challenging as possible, within your own personal abilities.  For example, a squat thrust where the person keeps perfect squat form until they get low enough for their hands to touch the floor, then kicking back to a full pushup hold, is much more “inefficient” than just bending over and kicking your feet halfway back.  Another way to think about it is, the more perfect the form, and the more deliberate the movement, the less inefficient it will be.

Why is being inefficient important?  Here is an easy reason to grasp, if a machine is inefficient what does it use more of?  Fuel, what is fuel? Calories, if you want to burn more calories/fat/get a better training effect when you train, the more inefficient the better.  Muscles being used burns calories, so its an easy subject to grasp that the more muscles we affect during an exercise, the more fuel we need→the more calories we burn.  

However your body is very different from a machine, for one very huge reason, your body adapts.  Have you ever wondered why we you are introduced to a new exercise you wake up the next morning with soreness in a bunch of places you wouldn’t have expected?  Or you are just sorer than you would have expected in general?  Its because whenever your body is introduced to something its not used to it doesn’t know which muscles to fully use and which ones can be put on standby.  As you do that movement more however your body learns to be as “efficient” as possible, which is why we (coaches and clients) then respond by adding resistance.  Adding more resistance makes a movement more inefficient.  Your body wants to be efficient, it wants to use as little energy as possible to accomplish its goal.  That however does you a disservice.  Other than injury prevention, that is why good form and focus are so important.  The more inefficient, the better.  Keep that in mind.

-Coach Adam

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