I think we can all agree the 2020 is a year to remember. So. Much. Change! So much stress. So much uncertainty. It has been a year to learn how to pivot quickly and accept the things that you cannot control. 

6 months into the year- where are you at with your 2020 goals? I am lightyears away from the goals I set. No one could have planned for this. The stay at home order affected us physically, emotionally, and financially. Not just you....everyone.

It has been easy to feel very alone through this. Everyone was faced with their own challenges and everyone had to figure it out. And we did. You did. I did. We did. I am not saying it was easy or ideal, but we did it. 

There is a lesson to be learned here. You can do it. You didn't want to make the changes you had to make...but you did it. You didn't want to be patient...but you did it. There are a lot of thing you wanted to do but didn't and  a lot of things you didn't want to do that you did do. 

You know what that tells me? You're capable. I am capable. We are capable. It is 100% our mind that holds us back. When we consider fat loss goals or fitness goals...what is holding you back from success or getting to where you are trying to go? You've already proved you can move mountains and get things done when there is no choice. You have already proved you can adapt and overcome.  

Whatever it is that you aren't dealing with that is keeping your from where you're trying to go whether that is

Training consistently

Drinking 64+ ounces of water daily

Cutting back the alcohol

Whatever it is. You can do it. You can change.

Let's make it happen

Coach Meagan

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