Check in challenge could win you $300 cash

Social media is a powerful marketing tool! Did you ever notice that with every scroll comes a sponsored ad or when you talk about wanting a kayak all of a sudden your social media stream is filled with is not a coincidence! We have run those sponsored ads before and they typically cost us about $300 a month so I thought why not hire YOU as my social media marketing instead of making Facebook more money! If you do not use social media that is super, this challenge is not for you though. We are looking for social media users to help us out

Here are the details:

Start date: Monday, August 3, 2020

End date: Friday, August 21, 2020

When you come to training, check in on Facebook here or post on Instagram and tag us here if that is your preferred platform. Here is a video on how to check in on Facebook if you are not sure how to do that. Every time you check in on Facebook we will add your name to a drawing. That means that if you train 12 times between August 3 and August 21 that you have 12 opportunities to win! 

Virtual peeps- you are not excluded from this!!! Snap a picture of your screen and check in and show your friends the many different training opportunities we offer.

Tips to maximize your check in so your people can see the full benefit

  • Share your results
  • Share your favorite exercise that we did
  • Sweaty selfie
  • Sweat angel picture
  • Gym set up picture
  • Outdoor set up picture
  • Computer screen with TrueCoach or recorded pulled up
  • Be creative and encourage others to give the 2 week free trial a whirl!

You do not need to show us that you checked in! When you check in on Facebook we automatically get a notification.

On Monday, August 24th we will pull a name from all of the check ins and Instagram posts and the winner will get $300 cash!  

If you have been searching for ways to help small, local businesses get back on their feet then social media is a huge opportunity to make that happen! 

You can start practicing before August 3rd if you wish 😉

We appreciate you helping us make it happen!

Coach Meagan 

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