Coach Erin’s Reflection Part 2

This past year has been a year full of lessons learned.  When it comes to achieving a goal, I will admit that I have had an all or nothing mentality.  There have been times that I have been so focused on achieving a goal that I make poor decisions.  Last year I completed my first half marathon. Walking 13.1 miles a year ago was a huge achievement for me.  My goal was to complete another half marathon this year and take 45 minutes off my time from last year. I was so focused on making this happen that during my training I pushed through pain when I should have listened to my body.  By pushing through this pain, I did more harm and as a result I was not able to do the half marathon this year. When I was not able to achieve my goal I felt like a failure. I think that often times when we don’t achieve our goal we let the disappointment dictate our actions going forward.  Maybe you are struggling with weight loss. When you don’t see the numbers on the scale go down you are tempted to give up and think that you will never lose the weight. Maybe you are dealing with a long term injury or pain. It is easy to give up or even be tempted to push through pain. It is important to focus on what you are able to control.  You are always able to control how you react to a situation. If you didn’t achieve your weight loss goal, you have a choice to make the necessary changes to move forward. If you are battling pain, you have the choice to focus on what you are able to do and take care of your body. I have made the choice not to focus on the fact that I was not able to complete my half marathon this year.  Instead I am focusing on taking care of my body so I can be prepared for a half marathon next year. What are you focusing on?

Keep Making it Happen,

Coach Erin 

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