Consistency Over Motivation

Consistency Over Motivation.

You ever get that awesome feeling of motivation that just lights a fire under you and has you feeling like you can take over the world? Maybe you listened to one of Dean’s speeches, watched a motivational video, saw a friend accomplish something great, and that rush of adrenaline and motivation rushes over you and makes you ready to set out on your new goal.

It’s great right?

Let me ask you this though, how long does that feeling usually last? I know for me my motivation usually ends after the first workout or day of clean eating and I am back in the real world…… now what?

This is where consistency comes in! Motivation may help you start the journey but consistency will get you to the end. Making what you want to happen apart of everyday life. Going to the gym every day is just routine, you don’t even think twice about meal prepping, you practice the skills you need to make it happen day in and day out even if you don’t want to. That consistency is what makes big things happen.

So my advice is don’t be afraid to ride the wave of motivation but be ready for the crash by being so consistent in what you do you keep on going.

-Coach Brian

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