December Recovery Week and SPIRIT WEEK

Recovery week is coming and BOY have you earned it. For those of you who are new, we take a recovery week every 12-16 weeks where we shut the gym down and encourage clients to focus on letting their body completely recover. Allowing those little aches and pains to disappear so when you come back you are feeling your best and ready to get after it. Constant training stress coupled with life stress can actually make it harder to get results. Even elite athletes don't train 52 weeks a year so we certainly don't encourage it either. Conveniently, recovery weeks are scheduled around major holidays for the most part so that way you don't have to worry about the gym when you may want to be doing other things. This one will take care of Christmas and the New Year! 

Recovery Week will be Monday, December 27 through Friday, December 31.

We do have a bit of a schedule change for the week BEFORE recovery week since that Friday will be Christmas Eve. 

FULL TRAINING SCHEDULE Monday 12/20, Tuesday 12/21, WEDNESDAY 12/22, Thursday 12/23, CLOSED Friday 12/24

Nows let's talk about SPIRIT WEEK

The week before the holiday recovery week we like to get a little festive. This is typically popular so make sure you jump on the festive wagon.

Monday: Holiday headgear. Think reindeer antlers, santa hats and other festive hats

Tuesday: Tacky Holiday Shirts 

Wednesday: Festive Socks

Thursday: Holiday pajamas/leggings

Now let's destroy the last few weeks of 2021 

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