Embrace the Journey

In one of my previous blogs, I talked about lessons in failure and how you can learn to benefit from it. Now I want to look on the other side of the spectrum and talk about success. A lot of times we look at our individual success very differently when it comes to health and fitness. We all have different goals and aspirations. Some of us may desire to lose weight, while others may actually want to gain weight in the form of more muscle. Others may just want to move better or without pain. Whatever your goals are, it is important to celebrate your success whenever and however it happens. 

Keep in mind your fitness journey is not a short ride, it is a long adventure. Results take time! You have to be consistent and patient to get results. It does not happen in a day or a week, it may even take months before you start seeing results. One thing I can’t stress enough is success is not purely measured by a scale! Your weight fluctuates up and down daily. If you are constantly stepping on a scale all you will do is cause yourself more stress and miss out on the bigger picture. 

Like I said before, you are on a fitness journey. Learn to celebrate your success whenever it happens. Whether that is doing a progression you couldn’t do before. Or maybe you screened out of one of your bands. Be proud of all your accomplishments that you achieve, no matter how small it may seem. It is always a step in the right direction and brings you closer to your fitness goals. Do not be so focused on your destination, that you forget to enjoy the journey.

Make it happen,

Coach Dylan

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