FMS Rescreen

When I returned to Get Fit NH after being away for three years, I knew the training was going to
be challenging. First, I would be battling with the pain of Fibromyalgia. Secondly, for various
reasons, I did not maintain my training in those three years. I knew I needed to train smart, so I
asked Adam to take me through the Functional Movement Screen just like we do with all our
clients. To say that I was frustrated is putting it lightly! Due to the Fibromyalgia and inactivity I
had lost a significant amount of strength and mobility. During that very humbling 10 minutes
Adam accurately assessed that I needed a:

White band for my shoulder mobility
Green band for my tight hips (Hurdle Step)
Red band for my Trunk Stability Push up
Orange band for Rotary Stability.

Three years ago, I had only a white band and now I have three more! During those 10 minutes,
I voiced my frustration to Adam multiple times and he graciously listened and encouraged me.
At that point I had a choice; I could either stay mad, or focus on moving forward and getting
better. This opened my eyes to the frustrations of so many clients who struggle with the same
movement patterns. Three years ago, I had no problem with push-ups but now I am currently
unable to push my body off the floor. I refuse to let that get me down. I am determined to test
out of my bands. Recently, I have seen some of you screen out of your bands as a result of all
your hard work. I am so proud of you! For those of you that still have some bands, we are in
this together! We will work hard, train smart and screen out of those bands!

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