Freak Accident Explanation

"What happened?"

I figured I would write a quick blog to explain why you will see my a sling for the next two weeks in hopes to avoid the same question hundreds of times 🙂

Allow me to paint a picture for this...

So there I was on a snowy Friday afternoon working from home when I decided I would grab a quick workout before grabbing my kids from the nanny. I was my second set into a turkish get up with a 40 pound kettlebell when I lost the stability in my shoulder and the kettlebell went back....with my arm. I dislocated my shoulder and after about 20 seconds of agony shoved it back in place. 

After calling Erin (the shoulder queen) in a panic she (and Adam) made me go to ortho urgent care where they put me in a sling and said no lifting for two weeks (BOO!) and then a very gentle ease back in as the likeliness of doing it again is greater if you don't allow time for ligaments to heal and scar tissue to build up around the joint. 

So, that is what happened. It was a freak accident. When I am healed up I will be right back to turkish get ups, because it is still an amazing exercise. I will use this as a (frustrating) learning opportunity. I learned a lot about dislocation when I had my visit at ortho and I am sure my PT follow up will teach me even more that I can then use on the training floor. 

Happy weekend,


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