Get Fit NH Named Concord’s Best Business for 2020

I am so incredibly grateful for the Get Fit NH community. The last several weeks I have been blown away by the media recognition. It is all thanks to you guys for continuing to nominate us. Please know that it fills my heart with joy to read the amazing things you guys have written to the local newspapers. First the comments in Concord Monitor article and now in Concord Patch. YOU make us want to work harder. 

The Concord Monitor was blown away that 25 people nominated Get Fit NH for the Hometown Hero article and Concord Patch mentioned that over a dozen of you nominated Get Fit NH for Concord's Best Businesses of 2020.  I am so thankful for you.

Here is the article!

Get Fit NH on Terrill Park Drive received more than a dozen recommendations for their work with customers during the pandemic.

"Get Fit NH has had a wonderful group training system for the 9 years that I have been a client," Steven, a customer, said. "They welcome all shape and sizes of people and athletic competency. Everyone is treated equally and all clients and staff enter the gym with a positive attitude. That being said, the onset of COVID-19 has delivered a devastating blow to many small businesses but not Get Fit NH. Once the governor shut down gyms due to the virus, Meagan Sbat, the owner of Get Fit NH, took a deep breath and moved the training sessions online with Zoom. During this time she prepped the gym to be be socially distanced for a limited amount of client to attend in person classes safely. Once the governor approved the reopening of gyms Meagan and her team rose to the occasion continuing to offer both inside and outside personalized training in person once again. Now that the weather is turning cold outside training is not really feasible. For the past several months, Meagan had been looking for a larger space to accommodate all of the clients that would attend the larger classes still being socially distanced. Taking on a much large expense, Meagan made the commitment to move into a space twice the size of her original location. She is taking a risk doing this but I believe that her clientele will embrace the move and will make the commitment worth while. Meagan and her staff deserve this award because of their commitment to their clients, making us stronger and healthier every day."

Kellie, another reader, said, "They have truly gone the extra mile during this pandemic to make the necessary accommodations for all of their clients. They've moved training outside (which was fun!) and made changes inside the gym to ensure all the clients feel safe and are social may distanced while working out. The gym was already amazing to me before the pandemic because they create / prepare modified workouts for people like me that are dealing with medical issues (I recently had a triple spine fusion) and are still trying to stay active."

"I did not miss a single workout in the tumultuous year 2020, thanks to the innovative, hard working, caring, determined staff of Get Fit NH," Teressa added. "They rolled with the punches like true professionals, as only a locally owned small business can, and they kept us clients informed every step of the way. Meagan Sbat, the owner, and all the trainers continually adapted to the demands and limitations of the pandemic. This includes going completely virtual when needed, then offering indoor and outdoor classes, Zoom classes, a recorded training, a Zoom link for us to use if we wanted to work out with a small group of others at any time, and a workout with demos via the TrueCoach app. They literally gave us at least 5-6 different ways to workout. Coaches checked in with us several times a week to keep us motivated and help us with any concerns. When it got too cold to do outdoor classes and the indoor space was too small for everyone who wanted to workout in person, Meagan leased and renovated a larger space!"

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