Getting into a routine

I’m sure if you are like me right now, you are probably a little out of your whack with your day to day activities given our current circumstances. That’s to be expected as most of us have been turned upside down and are trying to keep our head on straight. Right now it is very easy to find ourselves loafing around the house during this quarantine. It’s easy to stay up late and sleep in if we are not required to do so otherwise. I know because I have done it as well. But we can’t let it become repetition and get sucked into bad habits and all the bad decisions that come with it. 

So I think the best thing we can do right now to combat this is by trying to get into a good solid routine. I say this not just to you but me as well, as I also need to be accountable and more productive with the extra time given to me. For starters getting on a consistent sleep schedule can do wonders. Try and give yourself a bedtime at night to keep you from staying up. And give yourself an alarm to wake you up at a decent time. This will also help you get a good night’s rest. 

Another thing that can help is to write down some goals and tasks for yourself to complete throughout the day. For example, I can write down to study and read my book for an hour to help with my continuing education. By doing this I am now holding myself accountable and giving me a clear attainable goal. And by completing this and checking it off, I am filled with accomplishment knowing that I was productive and got it done. Just a small act like this can help get that ball rolling and yourself motivated to accomplish more throughout your day. 

Try and complete your workouts during the same time every day. So if you are a morning person and are used to working out early, then get it done early. Same if you are used to doing it later in the day. The more consistent you are with your workouts, the easier it will be to get into routine. These are all little things that can help make a big difference in trying to get ourselves in a good routine every day and stay positive and productive during this difficult time. Hope this helps you!

Coach Dylan

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