Giving credit where it is due

I have had something on my mind lately and I can't help but take a few minutes to get off my chest.

Right now, we have the absolute best team in place. Like, I wake up in the morning and feel incredibly blessed to run a business alongside some of the most genuine humans in the world. 

Get Fit NH earned a lot of publicity this year and I am unbelievably thankful and so incredibly humbled. The recognition often highlights me as the owner, but for me it's so important to highlight all of the things these guys to do make this place operate professionally. 

It takes a special person to set their alarm in the 3 o'clock hour to head to work and be enthusiastic about it, am I right?

So let's go down the line of our incredible coaching team and let's not forget the office managers who make my life so much easier.

Adam manages the continuing education and growth opportunities for the team and writes all of the training . He takes the expectation of continuing education to the next level. He challenges the team to think outside of the box in programming opportunities, modifications and progressions. He is also a pro with injury prevention. That is a very brief description of how he makes our team whole

Ashley and Dylan each bring a unique personality to our team. Dylan with his dance moves, constant talking to himself and innocent perspective on life. He is full of positivity on and off the floor. His work ethic is second to none and his OCD is highly appreciated. Ashley is incredibly relatable both on and off of the floor. Her story is powerful, her strength is out of this world and her genuine care for others is appreciated.....and her OCD 🙂

I came in this past Wednesday as I always do for a standing Zoom meeting to find Ashley and Dylan working together on a mock program design phase. They wrote it together, set timers and even went out on the floor and demoed exercises together and layout. These skills are hands on skills that cannot be taught on paper. To see them working together was a moment of serious pride. They didn't know I was going to be there, I didn't know they were going to be there. They chose to work together and their conversations were productive and they were teaching and learning from each other. A boss couldn't even dream up a more beautiful scenario. 

Sarah is one of our lovely office managers. She does the background work of processing new clients and the sad job of terminating clients who choose to leave. She deals with all of the billing. She is efficient, thorough and incredibly friendly. Her work is tedious and she does it with grace.

Deb is our other office manager. She manages the leads and trials who come through, she writes and schedules our newsletter and she orders all inventory. Deb is a unique employee, she works 2-3 hours a week, but her input, ideas and her "mom touch" is appreciated. Her willingness to help is so thoughtful.

This is such a brief recognition of our fantastic team. They are truly amazing and they put my mind at ease and give me confidence that even when I am not in the gym that YOU are taken care of. Always know, that this is gym is successful because WE are a strong team. Leadership is easy with humans like this. 

Coach Meagan

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