Hate V.S. Hard

Ever hear someone say, “I hate this exercise.” Why do they use the word hate? Hate is used in place of hard frequently. When something is hard, it is challenging and many people don’t like the feeling of going beyond their comfort zone and being challenged. 

When you tell yourself you hate a particular exercise, it immediately impacts your mindset negatively. It makes you dread the movement; makes you want to find the easiest way to complete it or maybe even avoid it entirely. Where will that get you? 

Instead of approaching an exercise that you find challenging, replace the word hate with hard. Doing this will give you a growth mindset, one that understands the exercise not going to be easy, but at the same time knows that you are strong enough to complete it. This is how you grow! 

Get outside of your comfort zone and find the courage to try those hard exercises. Once you realize your abilities, your confidence will boost and you will want to continue to challenge yourself with the HARD exercises. 

-Coach Ashley  

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