Hippo Best of 2022

Voting season is HERE! We need your help to keep the winning streak going.. 

The Hippo Best of awards open each February and we are requesting your vote in two categories. They do require you to vote for at least 15 categories for your vote to count, but that is EASY because there are 100 questions and TONS of other local businesses who would love your vote.

14. Best workout space (like a specific gym, yoga studio, etc.; please include town)

Please vote Get Fit NH Concord

86. Butt-kicking-est fitness instructor (in the good way; include name of gym, studio, yoga studio or boot camp and town)

Please vote Dylan Tiede Get Fit NH Concord

Adam and I have both won the fitness instructor award in previous years. This year we chose to nominate Dylan, because he has been a relentlessly faithful coach to Get Fit NH for nearly three years. We have watched him transform from an intern to a strong, knowledgeable and trustworthy coach. It is a business owner's dream when you can leave your business in the hands of others knowing that everyone will be cared for and standards will be upheld. I know how blessed I am to have the team we have in place. Dylan brings a happy, humble and calming vibe to our team. He is always positive, his heart is genuine, his singing and dancing are part of who he is 100% of the time. He works hard and he always does what is asked without question. He is a team player through and through. I could go on and on explaining how valued he is, but instead I will ask you to take a few minutes to remind him how incredible he is by voting for him here

Let us know when you're done!


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