Hippo Best Of Awards are OPEN

Voting season is HERE! Buckle up...

The Hippo Best of awards are officially open. This year they have a few more categories that we would love to go after if you are feeling up to the challenge! We have won the best gym in Concord for 10 years and we are going for 11 years here in 2020. Last year we made a team decision to rotate which coach we vote for as best fitness instructor and last year Coach Adam took that title (for the second year in a row!) This year we have decided to vote for Coach Erin Constantin. Here are the numbers and questions so we can be the champions (and I do mean WE, because if we win then that makes you a winner too because you train here!) 

#17 Best Gym (Please include town): Get Fit NH Concord

#18 Workout class that will get you to your goal fastest (please include name of class, location and town): Smart Group Training Get Fit NH Concord)

#82 Best Crowd: Get Fit NH Concord

#104 Butt-kicking-est fitness instructor: Coach Erin Constantin Get Fit NH Concord

#113 Happiest place in NH: Get Fit NH Concord

You must vote for 15 for your vote to count. It is so easy to name drop local businesses. 


Thank you so much for your continued support!

Coach Meagan

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