Inside look into Right Fit Fitness

Meet Coach Mae Lynn and Matt!

Mae Lynn is a Certified Autism Fitness Professional. She is one of the ONLY ones certified in the whole state- wow! Mae Lynn is the director of Right Fit Fitness. Right Fit Fitness is a division within Get Fit NH who specializes in helping adults with Autism get out, get strong and be understood! We have plans to grow this division in 2020. That’s why we are hosting a certification in January. This community needs more people like Mae Lynn so we can make a positive and INCLUSIVE impact

Matt is her very first client! He has been training with Mae Lynn for over a month now and is actually looking forward to Wednesday’s session, smiling more and his posture has improved drastically!

If this post pulls at your heart strings then please share! We have a a free Try this @ Home workshop for parents and caregivers THIS Saturday, November 2nd 9am-12pm. We are hoping to have 20 new certified Autism Fitness Professionals after we host a certification in January! We are hoping to hire 1 or 2 of those professionals to help Right Fit Fitness be there for our adult Autistic community!

Try this @ Home sign up is here


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