Learning Is Not Failing.

If you haven't noticed we have been learning some new, and difficult, movements and exercises. A lot of these exercises some of you may have never done or seen before which means it's a completely new learning process. 

This is my reminder to all of you that learning something new and not being an expert at it right away is ok. You are not a bad person and the world will not explode....I promise! 

We spend a lot of time in our adult lives working in a profession we are good at. You took the time to work, study, practice, and be really good at what you do. Now I am sure that when you first started on your path you may not have been an expert right away, but you took the time and did what you needed to become one! I am sure there were struggles, difficult times, and a lot of great moments when you succeeded in that learning!

Think about all those times, ups and downs, when you are learning new exercises or movements and might be frustrated that you haven't masted it the second time doing it. You are all so smart and capable of handling anything we throw your way! Just take the time and remember practice will make perfect! 

Keep making it happen!

-Coach Brian

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