Milestone Club is Coming in 2020

PUMPED! That is the first word that comes to mind when I think about the new program we are rolling out in 2020. It is called The Milestone Club. Before I tell you what it is all about let me give you a bit of a backstory on why we have created this program.

Get Fit NH has been my home for the past 7 years. For the last 7 years we have experimented ways to set goals and FOLLOW THROUGH on those goals and BE ACCOUNTABLE to those goals in a group setting. It has been a learning experience and with learning experiences comes many failed attempts. I am so confident in this system, because we have successfully added the show up, step up, stick it up cards into our culture. They have been successful for years which is why I have faith in the Milestone Club cards.

So let's talk about what is on the Milestone Club a group setting we all have different goals. Some people want to lose weight while others wants to gain. Some want to gain strength while others are looking to build huge muscles! So to accommodate everyone this is what we got

Weigh in: Every month one of the coaches will pull cards and will hunt you down to weigh in

Goal for next month: This section is for a weight related goal where you will set a goal to lose, gain or maintain for your next weigh in. This will help us, help you set a realistic goal and hold you accountable.

Attendance this month: One of your coaches will pencil in how many classes you made that month

Goal for next month: This section is attendance specific so that you are motivated to get to the gym on Friday nights or cold mornings when it is really hard to get your butt in gear. We understand you can't account for everything, but we can still set goals!

Training "win" this month:  This is where you will record what you are most proud of from your training this month. Could be your first jumping chin, first push up, deadlift record. Could be getting up off the floor with no pain or a 5K record. 

Goal for next month: This is a training specific goal! So maybe last month you did your first jumping chin so this month your goal is to do 3.

Nutrition focus: This is a nutrition goal to focus on for the month. Could be water intake, no snacking, veggie focus, etc

We can help you set these goals. At the beginning of every month we will pull these cards and make sure you fill them out. If you don't you will get a love note to get you back on track. Your coaches will check in with you half way through the month to see how you are doing. 

We have a filing system ready to go. Each class will have their own folder to store their card so we can pull them and complete them in the group. The only person who will see your card is YOU and YOUR COACHES. Everyone is here for themselves and to be the best version of themselves.

This system will help us with our accomplishment board you see on the wall. When you meet those goals or you have a great win then we will encourage you to put it up and celebrate. Progress is beautiful and results are exciting! 

And finally...

Everyone who meets a monthly goal (weigh in goal, attendance goal or training goal) will be put into a drawing to WIN a gift certificate to get a massage at Intuitive Touch in Concord. If you meet all three goals you set then your name goes into the drawing THREE times. 

BOOM baby. Now tell me how excited you are for this program????

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