Move Your Body

You all know how important it is to workout and the many benefits it provides us. One thing that can get overlooked in our health is just staying active. Yes, being active! You might think you are already active in your daily activities and it may be true. But really think about how much time you spend moving. If your job requires you to be working at a desk or sitting for extended periods of time we aren’t active. Then when we get home we go through our routine and eat dinner and relax on the couch. We aren’t moving much there either. For most of us, we need to make sure we can keep our bodies engaged and moving. Training is a great way to get moving, but I’m talking about the time we spend outside the gym. 

So how can you be more active? The simple answer, just move more, as much as you can. Take some time when you get home to go for a walk. Walking is a very underrated form of exercise. Though it may not be as intense as a normal workout, it still counts as moving your body! Maybe do that house chore or yard work you have been putting off. Heck, clean up your room a little. If you enjoy playing sports, try joining a club or league. I try to play pickup basketball whenever I can. Maybe on the weekend, go for a hike on a beautiful day. Even going skiing or snowboarding is a workout in itself.

 The possibilities are endless! The key is to find something you enjoy doing that requires you to be active. It can be a hobby your passionate about or any recreational activity. The fact is that the more active we can be in our daily lives, the healthier we will be because of it.  

Make it Happen,

Coach Dylan

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