New offerings at Get Fit NH as promised

Hello Everyone! 

We have been talking about it for a little over a month now and with the move finally behind us we are able to move forward with rolling out some new offerings!  Below are some of our new training offerings at our new facility!  Please have a look and reach out about any that interest you.  All additional offerings will begin as of February 1st!  

Advanced Strength and Power Class

  • The prodigal class returns!  Starting Wednesday February 3rd this class will be held every Wednesday morning from 6-7:30am for 8 weeks ending on March 24th.  This will be a class personally coached by Coach Adam involving more advanced strength training opportunities as well as more advanced power exercises!  These are exercises that you will mostly only have access to in this class because of the need for on site coaching and adjustments.  If any of the following exercises are something you are interested in then this class is for you!  Class will be capped at 10 so act fast, this is a hot class!
    • Box jumps
    • Sprinting 
    • Landmine variations (Click this link if you’re not sure what this is and want to see a couple examples for yourself!)
    • More advanced barbell exercises 
    • More advanced kettlebell and dumbbell exercises
    • More focused training on exercises you are familiar with
  • Click here to get more information about the class as well as get started reserving your spot!

Semi-private hybrid training

  • This will be a brand new offering to Get Fit NH.  It combines extremely personalized virtual training and coaching for you and you alone, with an open gym format.  The training is written and delivered to you via Truecoach and is personalized to you and you alone based on your individual interests and goals!  Your Coach will not only provide personal training for you but also monitor benchmarks, recommend weights, and make any adjustments based on your needs.  Additionally you get semi-private gym time.  You will schedule your days and you will have the gym virtually to yourself with the exception of a couple other people doing their personalized programs.  You can do your own training in your own space!  
  • Click here to get more information on this offering.

Open Gym

  • For the time being this offering will only be available to current Get Fit NH members. This is an offering for those who only feel comfortable training in person if there are a drastically reduced number of people in the room!  
  • This will be gym time reserved ahead of time with a limited number of other people in the gym where you can use your virtual video or TrueCoach and do your training in the gym!  
  • If you are someone that is comfortable/has been attending regular in class training please stick with that option.  This one is really to help out those who are not able to come to a class to train because of health or higher risk factors to have more space and less crowding.  
  • Click here for more information and to schedule open gym time!

Lots of exciting things coming up! Can't wait!

Coach Adam

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