Only Action Creates Change

It may seem pretty simple and obvious at first, but it rings true on every occasion. Just think about it for a second. How many times has change happened in your own life without you first taking action? I can count zero times for myself. Granted there may have been other things happening before that moment, but eventually you had to take action. 

Having inspiration, ideas and insight, or imagination for new possibilities are all great things to have and think about when it comes to setting yourself up for success in whatever you pursue. Even though these are powerful tools, unfortunately these are not enough. We cannot think, strategize, hope, want, or envision ourselves into change. No matter how much time you spend on it or think about it. The only way you can create that change is by taking action.

A good way to help you take action is to break down what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. So start by writing down what your goals are. Once you have a specific goal, now you need to identify a skill. Which is the ability or capacity that you need to achieve said goal. Then you break that skill down into practice. This will be something you do that will help you build the skill. After that, you break it down into small daily actions. These are small specific tasks or behaviors that you can do daily and consistently. After repeating this over time, it will eventually become a habit. Helping you work towards completing your said goal. Remember only action creates change! 

Coach Dylan

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