Food Plan April 7, 2009


  • Water, Ultra 40 Protein, Mass Aminos


  • Omelette – 4 egg whites, 1 egg, 1/2 oz. cheese, spinach
  • 1 cup steel cut oats w/honey
  • Black Coffee


  • 2 scoops UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein) in water
  • Super Pak Multivitamin


  • 8 oz. chicken breast
  • 1 1/2 cups turnip
  • Chickpea cake


  • 2 scoops UMP


  • 6 oz. corned beef
  • cabbage
  • spinach salad w/oil and vinegar


  • 2 scoop UMP w/ 2 tablespoon peanut butter

Meal Planning for a Week

So many of you have asked ” So….. what do you eat?” Well now is your chance to get an inside look into our family’s mealtimes. I plan meals for three different types of people all within our family. Dean, who is blogging his food, has special needs as to his intake of starchy carbs. The kids do not need to worry about weight loss, they are very active preschoolers. I also watch what I eat but tolerate most foods in moderation.

Why do I say all that? You can’t copy exactly what I do and get the results you desire. This is a tool to add to your tool box. You’ll need to create a personal food log and meal plan. What works for me might not get all the results you are looking for. 


Take a Peak!

Meal Plan for April 6 – April 12

W=workout meals, B= breakfast, S= snacks, D=dinner


W: 1 scoop UMP vanilla protein powder mixed with water

B: eggs/spinach/ whole wheat biscuits

S: orange

L: Chicken Stir Fry with veggies and brown rice

S: Apple (Protein Shake for Nancy)

D: Raost Chicken/turnip/chickpea cakes

S: (1 scoop UMP Chocolate with 1 Tablespoon peanut butter for Nancy)


W: 1 scoop UMP vanilla protein powder mixed with water

B: eggs/ spinach/steel cut oats

S: raisins/craisins/apricots/prunes/cheese

L: roast chicken/turnip/beets/applesauce

S: cottage cheese/pineapple

D: cornbeef/cabbage/onion/spinach salad

S: yogurt for kids (1 scoop UMP Chocolate with 1 Tablespoon peanut butter for Nancy)


B: Omelet (gr.pepper/onion/mushroom/cheese)

S: Trail Mix (raisins/craisins/apricots/prunes/almonds/sunflower seeds/walnuts/coconut)

L: cornbeef/cabbage/onion/spinach

S: Peanut butter balls/apples

D: taco salad (guacamole,refried beans, lettuce, cheese, hamburger, salsa)

S: crackers for kids(Protein Shake for Nancy)


W: 1 scoop UMP vanilla protein powder mixed with water

B: Breakfast burrito (tomatoe, salsa, onion, black beans, eggs, cheese, wheat tortilla)

S: banana bites (banana, yogurt, coconut)

L: tacos

S: venison jerky/carrots/gr. Pepper sticks

D: Pork Roast/ butternut squash

S: peanut butter balls  (1 scoop UMP Chocolate with 1 Tablespoon peanut butter for Nancy)


W: 1 scoop UMP vanilla protein powder mixed with water

B: eggs/ carrot/whole wheat biscuit

S: hard boiled egg/ gr. Pepper

L: Pork Roast/ butternut squash

S: yogurt apricots

D: Hamburger- no bun/mixed veggies (peppers, onion, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, pea pods, water chestnuts)

S: granola bars  (1 scoop UMP Chocolate with 1 Tablespoon peanut butter for Nancy)


B: omelet/ sweet potatoe hash

S: apples/ nut butter (almond, pecan, walnut)

L: leftovers/ applesauce/ salad

S: granola bar

D: all day long pork loin chili

S: trail mix (1 scoop UMP Vanilla with 1 Tablespoon nut butter for Nancy)


B: Yogurt and fruit for kids (mint chocolate shake for nancy 1-2 scoops UMP chocolate protein powder)

L: Eggs/ pancakes/berries/ chopped nuts

S: Easter dinner at in laws

D: Easter at in laws (the plan is to fill the dinner plate with wise choices, then allowing a dessert )

S: granola bars  (1 scoop UMP Chocolate with 1 Tablespoon peanut butter for Nancy)

Did you catch the pattern? We eat eggs every morning usually with oatmeal. Dinner is lunch the next day. I make enough snacks to last a few days.

Life is complicated enough, these are a few ways I make things easy.

So ask questions. Let me know what you think? Find out why I do what I do. 

Food Plan Monday April 6, 2009


  • Water, Ultra 40 Protein, Mass Aminos


  • Omelette – 4 egg whites, 1 egg, 1/2 oz. cheese, spinach
  • 1 cup steel cut oats w/honey
  • Black Coffee


  • 2 scoops UMP (Ultimate Muscle Protein) in water
  • Super Pak Multivitamin


  • 6 oz. grilled sirloin
  • roasted brussel sprouts


  • 2 scoops UMP

4:30pm  (During/After Workout)

  • Workout Drink (currently using Biotest Surge)


  • 1 scoop UMP w/ 1 tablespoon peanut butter


  • 1 scoop UMP w/ 1 tablespoon peanut butter

Keep It Simple! My Top Two Diet & Exercise Tips

I want to share some tips with you today that pretty much sums up what all of us need to do to get lean and stay lean for life.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this… but simple works!


Rack of Dumbbells
* Invest in a Whole Body Workout: This means doing a circuit designed to work your upper body, lower body, and core at least three times per week. Here’s an example: Alternate between 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for each a double-leg (e.g. squat), push (e.g. push-up), single-leg (e.g. lunge), pull (e.g. row), and core (e.g. plank) exercise. Perform up to 4 rounds without rest for a killer 20-minute total body workout.

*  Harness the Power of Intervals: Interval training is scientifically proven to burn nine times more body fat than ordinary exercise and elevates metabolism for up to 48 hours following your workout. In our bootcamps we use intervals as a “finisher” after our strength training. If you do your “cardio” on off days from strength training, something like this works great: Select your cardio exercise of choice, alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest and repeat this 30 second interval eight times for four total minutes followed by a one-minute rest. Repeat for up to 20 total minutes. This routine works best on a stationary bike (airdyne) or for body weight cardio exercise that you can do at home like running in place or jumping jacks.


Woman Eating Vegetables

* Eat Early and Often: Eat immediately upon waking and then every two to four hours to starve fat and feed muscle. By continuously fueling your furnace, and eating some animal protein (meat, eggs, cheese, etc.) at every feeding, you’ll also keep your metabolism revved up throughout the day and prevent overeating.

* Think Fiber First When Consuming Carbs: Eat an unlimited amount of fibrous, cruciferous green veggies to fill your belly both during and between meals. For optimal fat-burning, try to limit fruit and other carbohydrate consumption to within 1-2 hours post-workout when your body best tolerates starches and sugars.

Live by these 2 training and nutrition rules and you will have a body to be proud of… I guarantee it!

Now Make It Happen!


6 Pack 6 Week 9 and a Word From Chrissy!

A new name makes it into the weekly top spot! Congratulations to Judy as she ties weekly favorite Lisa for first place this week. As we said last week, it’s anyone’s game for the weekly and monthly prizes. With the tie this week, next weeks prize is worth $50 – Could be yours!

Also we have a switch at the top of the overall – it couldn’t be tighter.

With next weeks score sheet we need you to turn in this weeks (week 10) food log PLUS your complete menu plan for this week (week 10) – shouldn’t be any extra work as you should already have them on hand.

As an added bonus we are adding a bonus surprise prize for the entire Top 10 at the end of the contest. You WILL want to be one of the winners!

Now let’s hear from Chrissy Schultz, who is our month 2 winner! Listen carefully, she reveals some great info on what has made her so successful! Fantastic Job Chrissy!

Make It Happen!

6 Pack 6 Results

Week 9 Top Ten

Judy S.
72 Points
Lisa A.
72 Points
Chrissy S.
69 Points
Robin S.
69 Points
Karyn M.
66 Points
Greg S.
66 Points

Julie D.

64 Points
Donna K.
58 Points
Evelyn P.
56 Points
Angela D.
52 Points

Overall Top Ten

Lisa A.
642 Points
Chrissy S.
641 Points
Judy S.
599 Points
Julie D.
588 Points
Robin S.
582 Points
Evelyn P.
564 Points
Karyn M.
556 Points
Greg S.
549 Points
Donna K
492 Points
Angela D.
491 Points

Make It Happen!

Drop The Weight Belt!

I trust you are having a great week! Nancy and I will be in Connecticut for a few days to see our oldest son Tim getting married to his wonderful fiance’ Debra.

A couple of things I wanted to share that you might want to keep an eye on.

We have had a request that Nancy and I start showing you what our meal plans look like on a daily and weekly basis. To that end we are going to be posting our own meal plans and blogging our nutrition on a regular basis. We look forward to your feedback.


Secondly I wanted to share with you an opportunity to get some great organic vegetables on a weekly basis throughout the 2009 growing season at a great price. Our friend Kerry Morencey has started a CSA (community supported agriculture) at the Milk and Honey Farm in Loudon and is still looking for partners. If you don’t have time or know how to garden, I would encourage you to look at the info and give Kerry a call so she can answer your questions. Nancy and I are buying a share to support our own garden.

CSA Brochure

CSA Agreement

Milk and Honey Farm Newsletter


Coffee StressI saw a great article by Jonny Bowden, PHD, CNS called 7 Ways To Boost Your Energy, and something he wrote really struck a chord with me. It speaks to the fact that we are so busy looking for the “edge” in our weight loss and performance goals that we miss the obvious.

Here’s part of what Jonny wrote:

“Let’s say you were a swimmer wearing a weight belt and you wanted to increase your time in the 50-yard freestyle. You could spend a lot of effort researching the latest titanium high-tech bathing suit — which might add a second or two to your time — but wouldn’t it be a lot more effective to simply drop the weight belt?

Most of us are carrying around weight belts and looking to increase our energy with coffee and stimulants when in fact if we just dropped the weight belt we’d automatically go faster.”

For me personally that weight belt was 80 plus pounds of extra fat. Getting rid of the extra weight boosted my energy and productivity unbelievably. I don’t care what anyone says, being overweight and obese is not healthy, no matter how good you think you feel. In fact, I didn’t even know I was as bad off as I was until I finally got rid of the extra baggage. It is not “normal” to be tired all the time and get out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. That was me! My new normal allows me the energy I need to be productive all day long without the coffeepot I.V. – I love it!

Jonny went on to say that other “weight belts” holding you back might be too little sleep, a high carbohydrate diet, toxic relationships, and other trapping of modern life that can take our eye of our goals. Working on these challenges goes a long way to achieving our dreams.

As always, we are looking for your comments and feedback, so don’t be shy!

We will be in touch later in the week with 6 Pack 6 results.

Now go out there and Make It Happen!


6 Pack 6 Week 8 and Rules For Restoration

Our 6 Pack 6 Contest has four more weeks left. This is no time to give up or stop the momentum. These last few weeks will set in stone the healthy habits we have been hard at work establishing in our daily routine. So how does the Restoration week from Bootcamp fit in with the program? How can I still maintain my healthy habits if I have a week off from training?

Your answer is in the question itself! It is so important to give your body an extended period of time to fully recover after three months of intense training. That is why we have built in a rest week. This is not is rest week from daily healthy habits, from nutritious eating, and quality time stretching and helping those muscles to recover. Stay the course this next week. Don’t lose sight of the goal. It is healthy habits formed to help us build or maintain a healthy body.

So back to the contest and how this week fits in with tallying points.

The Weekly Six activities are not effected by the restoration week: planning meals, preparing meals, reading the newsletter, trying a new food, sharing progress with others, and  reaching for a personal record. Your personal record might be to score a perfect tally count on eating protein and veggies at each meal, or not eating starchy carbs after lunch instead of hitting a fitness goal.

The Daily Six are effected in the area of training and two meals. During the restoration week and only the restoration week you are to substitute your resistance training with any of the following, professional massage(See Amy at Chichester Massage), foam rolling, rolling on a tennis or lacrosse ball, stretching, or taking a 30 minute walk. Change up these activities so don’t walk each day but stretch one day, roll the next, walk the next etc…

For two of your meals during the week plan to allow yourself a treat meal. This is not a pig out session or an excuse to hit the buffet line but normal portions of a meal that doesn’t fit into your normal nutrition plan. Show these meals with a ‘T’ on your score sheet instead of a check mark.

So how can you maintain healthy habits if you have a week off of training? Focus even more on the other areas of training: nutrition and mindset both help your body with the recovery process. Come back to training the first week of April feeling refreshed, ready to attack each training session.

Have a great week!



And now for this weeks (and month’s) 6 Pack 6 Results…

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the efforts of the two ladies who battled it out for this months prize package!

Congratulations to Chrissy AND Lisa for the commitment and hard work they put in this month.

There can only be one prize winner, and this month’s package goes to Chrissy S. who put up a perfect score for the month – well done!

As a reminder, here is the prize package which Chrissy won this month. Don’t forget there is one more monthly prize left, and YOU are still in the running! Get those score sheets in!

(1) Gourmet Nutrition Cookbook – $39.95 value
(1) Beverly International Ultimate Muscle Protein or Ultra Size – $47.50 retail
(1) Beverly International EFA Gold (Essential Fatty Acids) – $24.00 retail
(1) Beverly International Super Pak Advanced Vitamin/Mineral Package – $32.00 retail

PLUS a $100.00 check for winning all four weeks!

You want in? Make It Happen!

6 Pack 6 Results

Week 8 Top Ten

Chrissy S. 72 Points
Judy S.
69 Points
Lisa A.
68 Points
Robin S.
66 Points
Linda F.
66 Points
Julie D.
66 Points

Karyn M.

62 Points
Angela D.
62 Points
Nadia K.
60 Points
Greg S.
57 Points

Overall Top Ten

Chrissy S.
572 Points
Lisa A
570 Points
Judy S.
527 Points
Julie D.
524 Points
Robin S.
513 Points
Evelyn P.
508 Points
Karyn M.
490 Points
Greg S.
483 Points
Angela D.
439 Points
Nadia K.
438 Points

Make It Happen!

You Want Me To Do What?

You’ve been training hard for the last 6-12 weeks. You’ve made tremendous strides with your nutrition. You see great progress, but you are starting to feel a little run down. Maybe more tired than usual, a little cranky, perhaps even caught a cold.

These are signs you need some rest. And not just sleeping in a day or two (like that’s possible!) You do need to get your nightly 7 or 8 hours, but it is more likely you need a break from training.

Next week is a scheduled restoration week for our bootcamp clients. If it’s been awhile since you took a break, maybe it’s time you considered taking a week off. It does a body good!

Here’s why:

The Maintenance Manifesto

Learn How to MAINTAIN Your Overall Health, Performance, and Body Composition During Off Weeks

Congratulations! For the last 8-12 weeks you have done a phenomenal job of improving your overall health, body composition, and performance. You have been introduced to a lifelong eating plan, and have been building healthy habits that will serve you for a lifetime.

However, your body can only be pushed so hard for so long before it needs time to recover and regenerate before unwanted chronic overuse injuries present themselves. In addition, you can only follow aggressive fat loss plans for so long before the mental and physical grind begins to wear you down and your results begin to plateau as your body enters survival mode to hold on to as much body fat as possible. This is why it is paramount that we accomplish the following things during the transition week between the various phases of Get Fit NH Boot Camps:

Moving to Maintenance Mode

Physical Rest and Regeneration

  • Our bodies must rest and recover to prevent overtraining issues so that we can come back 100% healthy and energized for the next phase of the program
  • Focus on maintaining and/or increasing flexibility and tissue health by stretching and foam rolling daily. 15-30 minutes is fantastic!
  • Daily restorative walks are beneficial during this week. 30-60 minutes briskly walking (not jogging/running) will keep your body refreshed and active, without negating the purpose of this week. Don’t overdo it!

Physiological and Psychological Rest and Regeneration

  • We must normalize key anabolic hormones, refill muscle glycogen, increase caloric intake, and prevent any diet induced catabolism (losses of lean body mass) so that we can enjoy greater fat loss for the next phase of the program
  • We have taken the road less traveled by being flexible eaters with a long-term approach to success and thus we will take a break from our aggressive fat loss nutrition plans. This is not a free for all, so stay away from your “trigger foods” (junk foods and sweets) that open the door to excessive calorie intake.
  • Instead plan (key word) and enjoy 1-2 controlled free meals to reward yourself for all of your hard work, but do not overdo it!

Celebrate the Fruits of Your Labor

  • Take some time to reflect on how far you have come since you joined this program in terms of improving your overall health, body composition, and performance
  • Enjoy your results!

Track your Progress from this Last Phase and/or the Start of the Program

Step#1 – Answer the Following Questions

  • How much progress did you make this past phase?
  • Did you meet your goal(s)?

Step#2  – Use Outcome-Based Decision Making

If you met or exceeded your goals:

  • You are on the right track so keep doing what you are doing

If you fell short of your goals:

  • Assess your compliance to our training and the nutrition program you are following. Be honest in evaluating compliance. 90% is what it takes to make realistic progress toward your goals
  • If compliance was not an issue, plan to speak with Dean or Nancy so that we can monitor and adjusts your plans if need be

Step#3— Re-Assess Your Goals

  • Were your goals S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Trackable)? If not, talk to one of us to re-assess your goals for the next phase of the program.
  • Use outcome-based decision making to determine if you need to adjust your goals for the next phase of the program:

If you met or exceeded your goals:

  • Your goals for the next phase may change based on your progress over this past phase
  • If you have reached your ideal bodyweight, clothing size, or “look”, your goal may now be to maintain it, or maybe these results have motivated you to try to take it to the next level?
  • If your results were better than you were expecting, maybe we should set more aggressive goals for the next phase of the program?

If you fell short of your goals:

  • If your results fell short of what you were expecting, maybe we should set more conservative goals for the next phase of the program?

Take Advantage of Your Free Time

  • This is a perfect time to get things done that you otherwise could not during the last phase of the program (e.g. household chores, doctor’s appointment, travel/vacations, quality time with friends and/or family, etc.)


We would just like to take the time to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your hard work and dedication to improving your health and fitness… keep Making It Happen!

You will never know how much this means to us and how much this is appreciated. It has been a total team effort from the start and though we provided you with all of the necessary programs to get the results that you were seeking, YOU DID ALL OF THE WORK! We cannot wait to get even better results during the next phase of the program!

Get Fit NH!

Dean and Nancy

To download and print a copy of the Maintenance Manifesto for reference, please click here.

No Wedding Day Jitters With This Workout

Only 10 more days until Tim and Deb get hitched, so I thought I’d follow up on last week’s nutrition tips for brides to be, and talk about the training part of the equation.

Let’s face it, if you are getting ready to walk down the aisle you don’t need one more thing to be stressed out about. Your fitness plan doesn’t need to be complicated or take a ton of time.

Remember last weeks ( article where we talked about nutrition?

Here is the key point from that article – EAT to Elevate Metabolism and Lose Fat (NOT Weight)

This week let’s – TRAIN to Elevate Metabolism and Lose Fat (NOT Weight)

Exercise Tip#1- Get Strong to Get Lean:

Strength training strengthens muscle and bone leading to increases in lean body mass that increases resting metabolic rate, which is the number of calories your body requires to function on a daily basis regardless of activity. In other words, strength training will ramp up your metabolism so that you will be burning more stubborn fat 24-7. Who doesn’t want that?

Most people who strength train perform straight sets of the same exercise with super long rest periods in excess of 2-3 minutes. You can accelerate your fat burning and cut your training in half by  performing alternating sets of non-competing exercises with short rest periods between sets. Dumbbell

For example, perform an upper body exercise, then a lower body exercise, and then a core exercise. This will allow for full recovery for each exercise, since you are resting your upper body while performing lower body and core exercises. Furthermore, short rest periods allow for both the completion of more total work at each training session and also create the optimal hormonal environment for fat loss.

Here’s an example of what we are discussing.

50-10 Interval Five Exercise Total Body Circuit- You will alternate between 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for each exercise in the following five-exercise circuit. Perform this 5-minute circuit up to four times for a 20-minute total body workout. Be sure to switch between the 2 exercise options within each category for best results:

Exercise Name
1 Squats OR Deadlifts
2 Push-ups OR Dips
3 Lunges OR Single Leg Hip Extensions
4 Rows or Pull-ups
5 Front OR Side Planks

Exercise Tip#2- Intervals Burn More Fat Than Ordinary Cardio:

With interval training, the focus is on the intensity of exercise (quality), rather than how long you are doing it (quantity). Intervals consist of alternating between shorts bouts of all out high-intensity effort and active recovery periods for a much quicker and focused amount of time. This approach is scientifically proven to burn nine times more fat AND lead to faster improvements in fitness than the aerobic alternative (going slow for long).

The Tabata study compared the effects of four minutes of high-intensity interval training (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) with 45-60 minutes of low to moderate intensity cardio. The interval training group burned just as much fat as the endurance group and also had greater improvement in both anaerobic (think sprinters) and aerobic (think distance runners) fitness… in only four minutes!

Below is a sample Cardio Interval Training Workout:

20-10 Tabatas- You will alternate between 20 seconds of work and 10s of rest. You will perform this 30-second set up to 8x for 4 total minutes followed by a 1-minute rest and transition. Perform this 5-minute sequence up to 4x for 20 total minutes. You can perform this workout on your cardio machine of choice (airdyne or spin bike, running, etc.) or by alternating between body weight cardio exercises like stationary running, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, mountain climbers,etc.(my preferred way) for the ultimate fat burning workout.

Exercise Tip#3- Take Advantage of Non-Exercise Physical Activity (NEPA) In Your Daily Life:

What are you talking about – NEPA? NEPA is the activity you do outside the gym. For example, don’t fight for the spot closest to the grocery store door, fight for the one farthest away. It won’t be much of a fight I assure you. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you golf, walk – don’t use a cart. I think you get the idea.

If you find yourself at a desk all day, I would suggest you make your own NEPA – take a 30-60 minute walk on your off days. You don’t need to do a bunch of extra intervals, or another day of lifting weights (see Tip#5), but a walk can do you good.

Exercise Tip#4- Use Total Body Exercises to Build Stunning Arms:

You don’t have to be a genius to know that most brides are really focused on working their arms and shoulders since these areas of the body are often highly exposed in wedding dresses. But, doing a bunch of single-joint, isolation exercises like curls and triceps extensions is not going to get the job done. Spot reduction is a myth- no number of triceps kickbacks will ever put a dent in the arm jiggle.

Rather, you should focus on performing compound, multi-joint movements that work as many muscles in your body as possible (including your arms and shoulders) for best results. Not only do compound exercises allow you to use heavier loads which stimulate maximal lean muscle gain (think push-ups over triceps extensions), but they also burn the most calories and create the optimal hormonal environment for burning the fat covering what you are working so hard for!

To take it to the next level, use total body exercises exclusively in your workouts. Whole body movements that work your upper body, lower body, and core at the same time will allow you to get lean all over in addition to ensuring that you are working your upper body during every moment so that you are ARM-ed and ready for the big day. For example, instead of doing presses, do squat to presses.

Exercise Tip#5- Recovery is Key: Puppy Sleep

Though this may be the least glamorous tip of all, I truly believe it is the most important. Recovery from exercise is where all of the beneficial changes from high-intensity training occur. Don’t forget, a tough workout actually causes small micro-tears in your muscles that stimulates growth and repair. If all you do is work hard and break your body down this can lead to overtraining issues that may results in you limping down the aisle on the big day – not good!

Do yourself a favor and invest in your own personal massage therapist in the form of a foam roller. It’s cheap and easy to use. Simply spend at least 5 minutes post-working performing 5-10 rolls on the most tender and sore areas of your body, with a specific emphasis on your hips and thighs and your upper/mid back area.

This corrective self-massage both lengthens your muscles and improves tissue quality, preventing nagging aches and pains in your joints that can leave you on injured reserve in your quest. Furthermore, self-massage brings blood flow and nutrients to your muscles which accelerate recovery and reduce soreness from high-intensity exercise.

If you don’t have access to a foam roller, you can also use a tennis or lacrosse ball to achieve the same effect.

Well, those are my top 5 workout tips to help you look your best on the biggest day of your life. When it comes to exercise, keep it simple and stay the course. And remember, it’s not about weight loss- it’s about being as visually stunning as possible via losing inches in all the right places.