Positive Lessons COVID Taught Me

I was reflecting tonight on all of the things I have learned since I bought Get Fit NH in 2018. I am coming up on the 2 year anniversary of the business transition so this time of a year will likely be a big time of reflection for years to come. For those of you who don't know, I have been with Get Fit NH for 8 years and bought it July 31, 2018 from Dean Carlson. What an adventure it has been...

For starters, if I had my magic crystal ball in 2018 when Dean first approached me about selling and I saw the scares that 2020 would bring I don't think there is a chance in you know where that I would have agreed! What a horrifying risk! I have never been more thankful to not have a crystal ball actually. Because I would have said no and the last two years have been incredible despite living and running a business through an uncertain time. 

Lesson 1: Technology offers a world of opportunity to make life easier for our clients. Why have we never offered a live Zoom room before? I don't know!  We have always had traveling clients and some even move! This offers so much opportunity and the recordings that we send out now are perfect for the traveling clients and of course vacations. Livestream Zoom and recorded training are here to stay. We are just working on a different way to get that information to you so we don't have to flood your inbox. We will improve...give it time!

Lesson 2: Everyone can change and more importantly now everyone knows they can change. We might not like it and it may have been really tough, but we did it and heck we are still doing it and we are going to continue to do it as more restrictions change over the year. This is worth celebrating. 

Lesson 3: People need people. I don't think I ever fully realized this, because people haven't really been taken away from people before. When we went into quarantine so many emotions took over and we each dealt with it in a different way. Some will admit their alcohol consumption sky rocketed, some will admit they ate everything in sight for weeks and other will tell you they spent hours exercising and training to deal with the frustration. People need people. The Get Fit NH community is strong because of the people

COVID is not going anywhere and neither is the pit in my stomach as we move through the summer. We know this is here to stay for a while and I want you to be well aware that we are making strong moves to make sure we can train you the best and safest way possible. 

Coach Meagan

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