Right Fit Fitness Apparel is HERE

I am so excited about this! Mae Lynn, the director of Right Fit Fitness, has designed some really cool apparel for Right Fit Fitness. We are excited to share this with you for many reasons. The first is that the design and slogan is super powerful. Allow me to explain it...

On the t-shirts the logo and slogan are big and bold right on the front of the shirt. The sweatshirt the logo is big and bold on the back of the sweatshirt, with the Get Fit NH logo on the front and a the puzzle piece on the sleeve. 

The puzzle piece logo represents our community of autistic people who need a place to fit in. Our goal and purpose of Right Fit Fitness is to create a community and an opportunity for adults with autism. The Autism Fitness Certification gives you the tools to work with all ages, but Right Fit Fitness is focusing on adults for now as life after school is a lonely world.

The slogan, "Get out, Get strong, we GET you" is SO powerful. We want people with autism to have the same opportunities that anyone has. Strength is critical regardless of diagnosis and we understand we need to create an environment that works for them, not us.

Now here is the part I am most excited about...

Best Buddies has played a generous role in getting Right Fit Fitness recognized. We are going to donate 10% of all apparel profits to Best Buddies as a token of our appreciation. We look forward to continuing to build a relationship with Best Buddies so that together we can build an INCLUSIVE community.

You can order your t-shirt HERE

You can order you sweatshirt HERE

Keep making it happen,

Coaches Meagan and Mae Lynn

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