September Recovery Week and Get Fit NH Test Day

We are approaching our third recovery week for 2021, woohoo! This is a very important time to allow our bodies to recover! After a hard 12 weeks of training our body gets tired and sometimes with fatigue little aches and pains start to reveal themselves. By taking a week off from hard training every 3 months we allow our bodies to rest and recover so that when we get back in the gym we feel rejuvenated and ready to take on a new phase of training.  We are heading into the long stretch when we get back! Our next recovery week won't be until Christmas!

We have grown significantly over the last several weeks, so I am going to educate our new peeps a little more. 

At Get Fit NH our program is periodized. That means the training builds on itself over a 12 week phase. At the end of the phase our body has made significant progress...stronger, leaner, faster. Well, even elite athletes don't train 52 weeks a year. Our body would be beat up, injuries would pop up and with injuries often come set backs. That is not our philosophy. We train SMARTER so that we can stay in the gym and work hard. We schedule our recovery weeks around major holidays as those tend to be heavy travel times anyways. Aside from the recovery week in March, you can expect recovery weeks scheduled around 4th of July, Labor Day and Christmas. 

Our next scheduled recovery is September 6th through September 10th. As promised several months ago we will also offer a Get Fit NH test day on Saturday, September 11th. We run a test day, which I will explain in a moment, the first Saturday immedietly following a recovery week when our body is in its freshest form. 

So, what does a test day entail?

The testing day will always look the exact same. You will come in for a warm up and we will do 5 exercises for one minutes. You will count your reps, record your reps and the weight you used on our testing forms and that will be it. The next time we offer a testing day, we will bust the forms back out and you will see what you did last time and see how you progressed. You can expect 30-45 minutes of time for a testing day. It will be simple, efficient, visual and measurable- that's what it is all about! If there is an exercise you are currently unable to do then you will skip it all together. The measurable exercises will be:

Goblet Squat

Deadlift (trap bar or KB)

Push ups

Pull ups

Knee Grab Abs or in and outs

1000 m Ski Erg

This is absolutely free, of course and must be scheduled. Spots are limited. Last time we had a lot of no shows, not cool! If you want to do, do it. If you are unsure please hold off on reserving a spot! Sign up HERE for Saturday, September 11th at 9 AM

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