Share your vision

Do you have a vision for your life?  When challenges arise, it is helpful to have people close to you who share your vision.  In “The Energy Bus”, Rule #4 is “Invite People on Your Bus and Share Your Vision for the Road Ahead”.  The bus driver, Joy, tells her passenger, George, that while he is the driver of his own bus, he also wants to invite people onto his bus.  Joy explains “the more people you pick up along the way the more energy you create during your ride”. The goal is to fill your bus with positive people who will support your endeavors.  At some point you made the decision to make health and wellness a priority in your life. You may not even know it but by joining Get Fit NH you asked people to get on your bus. When you first met with one of the coaches at Get Fit NH you may have shared your vision for the road ahead.  Maybe you wanted to lose some weight and get stronger so you could do the things you love. This could be running, hiking, skiing, biking or keeping up with your kids/grandkids. Your coaches have taught you about exercise and how to fuel your body. Your Get Fit NH coaches have always been in the front row seats of your bus!  As you keep driving your bus you realize that you have invited many others onto your bus. Maybe you told your classmates, I want to run this 5K or I want to lose some weight and they have been by your side for the bumps in the road and celebrations along the way. You keep sharing your vision as it may change over the years and your bus has become packed with those who share your vision.  

Recently, you were driving your bus and you came to a huge roadblock.  You just can’t see around it despite your best efforts. Thank goodness you have a bus full of people showing you a different route and encourage you to keep going.  This road is not paved, and it doesn’t look like it has been travelled before. You are stressed because if you follow this road you don’t know if you will have a flat tire or mechanical issues.  Your passengers remind you of your vision and that you have travelled some pretty rough roads in the past. They also remind you of the tools that are aboard your bus because everyone has contributed to that tool bag.  While the road is uncertain, you decide to travel it anyways because you have the support that you need!

Coach Erin

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