Sizzling Summer Slimdown Sign Ups are OPEN

It's the most wonderful time of the year! This nutrition challenge is the most sought out challenge of the year and I have a feeling this year it will be even more popular! With the pandemic pounds and the last year of change and hardship NOW is the time to push the excuses out of the way and get to work, because whether you're ready or not shorts, tank tops and bathing suits are coming.

Change is going to happen on the inside AND the outside. There is no magic potion, pill or lotion that is going to help the fat melt off your body. WE,  us and you, together, WE are going to do the work. We are going to educate you. We are going to give you the tools, the accountability, the coaching, the cheerful love, the tough love, the motivation, inspiration and the pat on the back. This is a go team effort, because YOU, yes YOU matter. Your health matters. Your confidence matters. You matter and you deserve to feel exactly how you want to feel.

So, what does the Sizzling Summer Slimdown Contest entail, you ask?

First of all, let's call it S3, because that is a long name for a contest!

  • This is a 5 week nutrition challenge
  • You can choose to work with a partner or solo when you sign up
  • You will get sample meal plans, a Google Drive full of recipes, a private Facebook group with fellow challengers on the same journey, daily habits and challenges sent to you via TrueCoach, a manual with all of the success tips, coaching (duh) and Laura Ascenzi, our on-site Registered Dietician, will be dropping knowledge throughout the entire challenge.
  • We will use the Styku as our measuring/accountability tool. 
  • We are going to teach you about macronutrients and how they fuel your body. 
  • We are going to encourage you to eat a "free meal" weekly so that you don't deprive yourself and we are going to teach you how to get back on track after a free meal.

How to win 

  • Get your Styku scans done
  • Follow the plan
  • Drop the most bodyfat
  • Do your daily challenges 

What do I win

  • $500 CASH to the top three performers. If a team wins then they will split the $500

Start Date: Monday, May 10th through Sunday, June 13th

Styku scans done: Now - Friday, May 7th

Disclaimer: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, expect Biggest Loser results. This is 5 weeks of your life to kickstart a lifetime of results. Sustainable fat loss is the key here. We want to teach you how to lose it and KEEP IT OFF.

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