Ski, Skate, And Shred Class Coming Soon

Ski, Skate, and Shred Seminar

Winter is right around the corner; while this may not be the best way to start this announcement off…it is indeed the case!  With that comes all the activities that can make winters in New England awesome! That’s why Coach Adam and Get Fit NH will be offering a 6 week Ski, Skate, and Shred class!  This class will be aimed at helping to create balance, and other forms of dynamic strength and stability that are aimed specifically towards winter sports.  

The smaller class size will enable use to implore different techniques, exercises, and patterns than in a large group setting.  These will be aimed at making you as prepared as possible for winter activities. Some of the things we will be working on will aim to:

  • Create more balance on your skis.

  • More control and body differentiation.

  • Single leg stability and strength.

  • Active mobility increases in order to remain strong in these positions

  • Increases in lateral power

  • Core strength and control

  • Learning how to absorb and control larger forces

    • ^ An absolute MUST for anyone who skis or boards on anything that is not totally flat terrain, especially those of you who like woods or glade skiing. 

I have skied and skated for most of my life and that along with the principles that will be implored in this class will help you to have your strongest season yet.  While also helping drastically decrease your risk of injury when you do get outside in the coming months. 

Here are the details:

  • Where: Get Fit NH

  • When: Saturday mornings from 8-9am

  • How long: 6 weeks beginning Saturday November 9th

    • With the exception of the weekend after Thanksgiving

      • No Class will be held 11/30/19, the final 3 weeks will resume the following Saturday morning (12/7/19). 

  • Who can join: Anyone, Get Fit NH clients and non-clients are both welcome to join us!

  • Cost: $139 for the entire 6 week class.

    • (Alternate arrangements can be made if you know ahead of time you will be away for multiple classes)

To Sign Up Click HERE!
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