SMART Goal Setting With J.

So I asked one of our long time Get Fit NH Bootcamp members (“J.”) for some feedback on our new “21 Day Steps to Fitness Success” plan, due to roll out on July 6th.

She had such incredible things to say about goal setting, I am sharing our dialog here!

I asked J. for some input, and this is what I got back…

J: Very nice I get a lot out of all your informational pieces….The only other thing I would say is to use the SMART goal format for peoples monthly goals. As a past sales coach I always used SMARTS with my clients and I love the idea that its all their ideas so they are already sold on the actions it will take to reach there goal.

Me: Great ideas J. – thank-you for your input. Do you have a specific format you use for the SMART goals?”j

J: I would have them on a piece of paper write down the left side of it S for specifically what are you going to do M measure how are you going to measure it A actions what actions are you going to take to reach this goal R what is the result T the timeframe you are going to do this in.

So here is what mine might look like:

S: I want to be a size 6 for my 10th wedding Anniversary in Sept
M: I will measure my waist each Monday at Bootcamp, I will track my weight each Monday also
A: I am going to workout min of 4 days at Bootcamp, I am going to run hills every day I am at Bootcamp, I am going to use my food log everyday to track my food intake, I will drink 96 oz of water a day, I will consume nothing white(flour sugar breads rice pasta)
R: I will be able to wear a dress I feel good in for dinner at our Anniversary dinner
T: My timeframe is to weekly check each on of my actions are being completed and 9/25/09 is the dinner date.

On TargetNow THAT is what I call goal setting!

There is only one more thing I would add in there. What is your consequence for not reaching your goal?

It is important that we not only reward ourselves for goal achievement but hold ourselves accountable when we do not. It takes character to hold yourself to a consequence you find really terrible.

The “best” consequence I ever heard? Eating a can of dog food, and no, I am not kidding, and yes, the goal was reached.

Wouldn’t you?

Many Thanks To “J.”

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