Snow Day Policy and Expectations

I can't believe we are already talking about this! A few of you have asked me so I suppose now that it is November I have to address the topic of SNOW! 

I love NH and I love all of you and I love snow. I don't love single digit temperatures, though! Most of us grew up in New England and learned how to drive in the snow and slippery conditions. The scary part is that not everyone on the road learned how to drive in those conditions and not everyone cares! Crazy, I know! Your life, my team's life, my life and all of our families are far too important to take a chance when the weather is extra slick. 

In the rare event that we close for snow, we will send out an all-hands emails by 4 a.m for morning classes and by 3 p.m for evening classes. You can also find this information on our blog and on our Facebook page. We will let you know as early as possible so you can snooze your alarm or go straight home after work.

Thankful for all of you and your understanding when we have to make these tough decisions!


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