Spitting In My Corn Flakes

So I got these cool new referral cards for my bootcamp classes, and they have this picture on the front of them:

Man and Woman Abs

We just rolled them out at the 6:00pm class, and I told them “We used our pictures on the cards – That’s Nancy on the left and me on the right.”

And that’s when my beloved members spit in my corn flakes…

They all said “We believe that’s Nancy on the left, but we KNOW that’s not you!”


Now we were all kidding around, but it really got me to thinking…

“You know what Dean…they are right!”

Now I am in good shape, but I am not in THAT shape.

And it sort of ticked me off.

It made me want to take it to the next level – to get those “beach ready” abs.

Just to prove I can…

What about you?

What’s it gonna take to get you to the next level?

To drop that next 10 pounds?

Get into that dress?

Crank out those 12 pullups?

When is enough enough?

Don’t wait for someone to “spit in your corn flakes”

Make It Happen Today!

Corn Flakes


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