Spring Cleaning for a Cause!

As this message is being written, it is 71 degrees, Sunny, and I have the door to my office open.


With spring finally seeming to be here, and most of us thinking about getting some chores done around the house, including "spring cleaning", here's an opportunity for you.

I am headed to a business meeting on May 9th, and for our "Revolution for a Cause" event this time around we are supporting a charity called "Changing Footprints".

Here is a summary of their mission: 

Changing Footprints realizes the great need for shoes around the world as protection from diseases and a gateway to education. Because of that need we collect new and gently used shoes for distribution to homeless, disaster-stricken, or underprivileged people locally, nationally, and internationally regardless of race, religion, gender, or ethnicity.  As our reputation has grown, we have had the pleasure of working with many social service agencies, church missions, medical relief teams, military personnel, and disaster relief teams, requesting shoes for their missions. We never lose sight of our mission since we work personally with teams who actually take the shoes and see that they reach those in need.

So here's the deal. Thanks to Southwest Airlines, I get to bring two bags for free. Besides the one I am using for my oh-so-refined wardrobe (clean socks and everything) I am going to bring the biggest one we own (aka - Nancy's suitcase) packed with shoes - the one's YOU are going to donate! 🙂

There will be boxes in the gym for you to put in any shoes you would care to donate, and I'll pack my suitcase with as many as I can. Any others will be donated locally. 

As always no pressure from me to do anything, but if you got an extra pair in decent shape, Chris and I would sure be grateful.

Thanks for Making A Difference!

- DC

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