Starting Slow To Finish Strong

Happy Monday and first day back from recovery week! 

I hope everyone is feeling energized and ready to get back into some great training! I thought it would be helpful to write this blog about important things to remember coming back from recovery week and how you might feel starting off:

  1. Start Slow! If you remembered we deloaded our training the two weeks before recovery week and then had recovery week. The purpose of that we to let our body recover and rest after spending a lot of time training with heavy weights. There is a good chance that you may not be able be able to lift the same weight as you could before recovery week but that's ok because you will build that strength back and then some!
  2. Embrace The Training! You are all rock stars when it comes to training! You all always crush any challenge we throw at you which makes programming so much fun for us! A thing to remember in the first couple of weeks is that we are focused on getting the body moving again so that at the end of the training phase you are performing the best you can!
  3. Wellness Is Peaks And Valleys! People will ask us why we would deload if it makes us weaker for a short amount of time. The answer is because your body needs it! Not even professional athletes train 7 days a week 365 days a year, they take time to deload and rest too! As awesome as it would be our bodies can't handle the stress of lifting heavy all the time. It needs rest and recovery so it can grow more especially as we get stronger and need more energy to keep getting stronger!

We are super excited about this training phase and to see all the progress everyone makes! Welcome back and remember to keep making it happen!

-Coach Brian

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