Strength and power Pt. 2 and Golf mashup! Act now!

Strength and power Pt. 2 and Golf mashup

I have 7 clients in the class who love it so much they want to continue another session! Since this is the case I am only opening up 5 spots, act fast!

One round of the strength and power class is in the books and I am happy to report it was a great success!  So I have decided to open up the class for a second session. I have also decided that I will mashup this class with the golf class I did last year.  Formatting will be the same but the training for those who are looking for more rotational based sports training will have different training written more specific to their goals.  Reminder: I am only opening 5 spaces! So space is very limited! Due to the nature of the class more than 12 people in the room can get congested and coaching suffers, to get everyone the coaching they are looking for I am only opening space for 5 people to join the class! Act quick because space is limited!

What you get;

  • Personalized training (everyone has their own individually written training based on their goals)

  • More hands on coaching (a maximum of 12 people will be in the room which allows for more one on one coaching)

  • Different exercises

    • The smaller class size allows me to do some things that are different than in normal group training sessions.

This class is for you if;

  • You are a rotational sports enthusiast (Golf, Softball, ect)

  • You like a challenge.

  • You want to pick up heavy stuff.

  • You want to move fast, jump, and throw stuff.

This class will consist of individualized training written for each participant, which will progress over his or her time in the class.  While this is a challenging class this format allows me to work around any pain or movement restrictions you may have in an individualized manner.  This is a class that builds on itself therefore there will be no drop-ins, however we are offering the class in 4 weeks blocks so if you find that you are unable to make 4 weeks in a row there will be opportunity to make up the class in the later weeks.

When: 7:30 am Saturday morning for 12 weeks, April 4th-June 20th 2020

Where: Get Fit NH Concord NH

Cost: 4 weeks- $167, 8 weeks- $279, 12 weeks- $357

If you have any questions please contact Coach Adam:

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