Sugar Free Me Coming in HOT

Raise your hand if you have been living your best life this summer???

  • Too much freedom from your regular routine
  • Too many BBQs with all of the goodies
  • Too much alcohol
  • Lack of focus on meal prep and follow through
  • Less focus on your training and movement

 Heyyyy, whatever the case may be, I can promise you that you are in good company! 

That's why we are rolling out Sugar-Free Me on Monday, September 12. Think of it as a 3 week cleanse, except take away any of those funky drinks and pills and just substitute those with whole foods. Let's make a commitment to take away all of the junky stuff for 3 whole weeks, just to bring us back to baseline. It is not expected that you never have treats, but if you are like me and overindulged this summer then join me in this mental reset!

We will include 

  • A list of foods to fuel with
  • A list of foods to avoid
  • Code words for SUGAR to look out for on labels
  • A private Facebook group with daily motivation and check-ins
  • 21 super simple and sugar-free recipes

The cost of this is only $21. A dollar a day to quite literally put your money where your mouth is

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