Survey Says…

Hey team,

Recently we sent out a survey to see how we are doing and the response was FABULOUS and overwhelming. We send out surveys on a quarterly basis to see what we can be doing better and to make sure you are happy. Without your honest feedback we can't get better and grow professionally. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us how you really feel!

I did a Facebook video the other week in response to the survey, but I know not everyone is on Facebook so I am going to hit up some of the questions and concerns right here! The tricky part about surveys is that they are anonymous so we can't respond to you individually. So we will just hope you are reading and of course if you say it then someone else is likely thinking it so let's talk about it! 

1.) More personal attention. 

Hey, you have our ears and our hearts. We hear you, we talked about it and we are on it! 

2.) More time for stretching.

We do our best to fit it in, but sometimes we definitely run out of time. Please know you are ALWAYS welcome to stay and stretch and we can give you stretches to do while you stay We will always respect the one hour rule, but know that there are 10-15 minutes before the next class begins and we will never kick you out for stretching!

3.) More trainings times.

Honestly, with 8 hours of coaching available on training days we have exhausted our coaching bandwidth. Our coaches all have very important pieces to the Get Fit NH team that keep us in business (what a beautiful thing!) Each coach spends 4-6 hours on the coaching floor as it is and that is the fun part for us! We did just hire another full time coach! You have each met Dylan. He is now a permanent member of the team! This was mostly so that our coaches can grow professionally in their specialities - like kettlebell for Brian and Athlete Academy and sport specific training for Adam. Our team is the bomb diggity and I have to protect them to keep them πŸ™‚ 

4.) Trainings I can do outside of the gym for when i can't make it!

We did those a while back! Here is an example. If you follow our vimeo you can find even more. Check it out here

5.) One on one time with a coach to talk about injuries, aches and pains

Ask and you shall receive. We don't offer that verbally, but if you need us we are ALWAYS here for you. We also refer out to Performance Health for those consistent aches and pains. If you have never been to them and you have pain then boy are you missing out! They specialize in Active Release Therapy. Check them out here. Every PT and Chiropractor is unbelievable. We also offer gentle yoga and a mobility class with Nicole Detellis. She also specializes in pain management and moving through a pain free range of motion. She also offers 1:1 sessions every Wednesday. We have her business cards at the gym! She is fabulous. 

6.) Follow through on various programs like bands and goals 

We will definitely be better about this , you are heard. We still do Functional Movement Rescreens every 4 months. In fact the next one is when we return from recovery week. We will discuss as a team how we can do better on goals boards!

7.) More Community Involvement

I am definitely working on this! We do Rock N Race every year as our big race and charity trainings once a quarter to support our community. We are now working on getting Autism Fitness up and running which is an exciting project and a HUGE project. We also sponsored Soup Fest this year and gave away over $600 worth of free training to local school raffles. We can't do it all, but we certainly want to be involved! Maybe we just need to be more vocal about what we do πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for your feedback, keep it coming!

Coach Meagan 

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