The Power of Planning

One of the best things we ever put into play that WORKS is our milestone monthly weigh in. It is so important for us to see your progress and even more important for YOU to see your progress and let us help you before you are super frustrated.

Today I was reminded that I need to talk about the importance and the power of planning and preparing your meals. If there is any secret to success out there it is absolutely planning and preparing your food. Failing to plan is planning to fail- that is the truth.

Let's work through the things that may come up when you think about why you may not be planning or preparing...

1.)  My family won't eat what I eat and I don't want to cook two meals.

I am WITH you! My family does not eat what I eat. I let that get me down for way too long. You can't always control what other people too. You can control what you do and maybe it will take a little extra effort, but your results are worth it, am I right?

So here's what works for me. Do YOUR cooking on the days that work for you. For me, it is Sunday and Wednesday. Cook and portion out your food so it is a an easy grab and go. That way when you are cooking other people's meal you don't feel like you have to have the comfort food that they like. 

Or use your crockpot- for you OR or them. I know some of you LOVE to cook (I do not) so throw your or their food in the crockpot and leave room for lefts overs to make your life easier.

2.) I don't want to eat the same thing everyday 

Then don't. Get in the habit of freezing pre portioned meals so that you can grab it out and interchange it as this becomes habitual. 

Get comfortable with quick and nutritious grabs like tuna and hardboiled eggs

Having a plan, preparing the plan and following through with the plan will reflect in your results. i have NO doubt. I am here to help you and so is our onsite Registered Dietician, Laura Ascenzi. I am happy to make an email introduction on your behalf. Just let me know!

Let's make it happen and get results,

Coach Meagan

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