The scale isn’t the only tool in the toolbox

What are you looking at? 

THIS is a client who started training with us about a month ago. The first picture is the clients initial body scan. The second picture is their body scan 4 weeks later.

Make your own observations and meet me underneath the picture where i explain what happen on the scale with this client...

Okay so this client came up on her monthly weigh in, jumped on the scale and immediately felt DEFEATED. She had gained 0.6 pounds. You can imagine how unbelievably irritating this is for a client who just started a training program, has showed up everyday, worked her butt off and changed some nutritional habits..

0.6 pounds up. She was not happy. I encouraged her to jump on the Fit3D and just see if there was a change from her first scan to second scan...You can see it for yourself in the scan, but check this out...

Guess how she felt after seeing THESE numbers? PUMPED. So pumped. Do you see where that 0.6 pounds went? MUSCLE. 

Dude! These are results. These are incredible results. This is four weeks. This is not even 16 training sessions in. Results. This gave her the juice to keep going. 

How many of you have worked hard at something for 4 weeks and watched stubborn scale and just tossed the towel in? 

Count me in there! I have absolutely done this. Our expectations for ourselves are TOO HIGH! First of all, let us remember that losing 1-2 pounds per week is healthy and sustainable weight loss.

And second of all, let's remember that the scale is not the only measuring tool available to us. Aside from the scale and the Fit3D, we can see how our clothes are fitting, how we are feeling, how is our energy, how are we sleeping. Cut yourself some slack. If you are doing the work consistently  then results will come. If you feel like you are doing the work and nothing is happen you have a whole team of coaches ready to leap and find a way to make it happen.

You got this,

Coach Meagan

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