The Winner of the August Movement Challenge is…

Another win for 6:10 AM! With a total of 264 tallies which averaged to 18.9 points per person who participated. That is a full 5.3 points MORE per person than second place, congrats guys!

The winner of the movement challenge earns ALL the bragging rights and even MORE bragging rights when you won the last two challenges in a row- yahoo!

I want to share some fun facts about the 6:10 class, because they deserve some credit and love...

  • 6:10 has, hands down, the best attendance consistently as a class
  • 6:10 is most likely to make sure we know if they are not going to be in training
  • 6:10 fights the most over heavy weights 
  • 6:10 is hands down the most possessive over their spots (but we still love you)
  • 6:10 folk are ALWAYS pushing each other to lift heavier and finish their reps 
  • 6:10 is the sassiest group as a whole, but again, we love them anyways
  • 6:10 people drive crazy in the parking lot- so watch out

We love you and we are so proud to have such fabulous people train with us

Keep making it happen,

Coach Meagan

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